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Blockchain Daily News

by Florin Oprea

Edition 94, 14.11.2017

Deals, Investments & M&As

As Bitcoin Soars And ICOs Spread, Advisors Urge Caution

Andrew Osterland – CNBC

Advisors might buy bitcoin themselves, but most still aren’t recommending them to clients.

FAO: I like at least two words used by the author in the above introductory line: “might” and “most”. Sorry, draw your own conclusions…   


Dash Cryptocurrency Builds Base After Setting Record Above $500

Omkar Godbole -CoinDesk

Dash is seeking direction after hitting new highs.

DNT: More about the plans of Dash to implement 2MB Blocks in our previous edition.

Bitcoin Gold Goes Live After Bumpy Blockchain Launch

Stan Higgins  – CoinDesk

The newest fork of the bitcoin blockchain is officially live after a rocky start. Developers for the project, dubbed bitcoin gold, published software for the breakaway cryptocurrency releasing the code on GitHub as well.

Exchanges & Trading Venues

MasterCard Files Patent For Blockchain-Based Payment System
Rachel McIntosh – Finance Magnates

Electronic payments company MasterCard is exploring the adoption of blockchain into its payments network.

FAO: MasterCard plans are not a surprise, as they were previously discussed last month and the month before

UK Threatens To Shut Down Popular Bitcoin Investment Site BitConnect

The Next Web

It turns out Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin might have been right to suggest popular Bitcoin investment platform, BitConnect, has been running a Ponzi scheme after all: the UK Registrar of Companies has threatened to shut down the dodgy platform and dissolve its operation.

Reality Shares Teams Up With Nasdaq To Launch Blockchain Tech Index

Business Wire

Reality Shares and Nasdaq announced the creation of the Reality Shares Nasdaq Blockchain Economy Index, a smart-beta index that tracks the growth and development of leading global companies creating and implementing blockchain solutions.

FAO: Yet another project “ticked” by Nasdaq on their blockchain projects list; Nasdaq is one of the first global exchanges with a “blockchain footprint”…you can use our Archive (it’s free) to check some of its previous initiatives in the field.


Start-Up R3 Has More Than 60 Firms Using Its Blockchain Platform, Including Microsoft And Intel

Ryan Browne – CNBC

R3 now has more than 60 companies, including the likes of Microsoft and Intel, actively using its blockchain platform. The fintech company said that dozens of firms are engaging with its open source distributed database network Corda.

FAO: The busy team at R3 most recently (reported here) struck a deal with SIA to boost the adoption of blockchain apps by 600 banks and corporates.

One Zcash Mining Pool Controls Over 51% Of The Network Hashrate

JP Buntinx – The Merkle

Cryptocurrency’s mining aspect can be both a blessing and a curse. More specifically, we all know Bitcoin has a centralization problem when it comes to mining. Unfortunately, it seems Zcash has a similar problem right now, with one pool controlling over 50% of the network hashrate. It is unclear why miners aren’t switching over, as there are plenty of other pools to choose from. Then again, everyone wants a good chance of making money, which means joining a big pool.


We Should Be Teaching Blockchain In Schools

The Merkle

DNT: Education is the best investment we can make. And it’s a long-term one. A very pertinent opinion, and we are totally agree with it.

Latest Developments & Agreements

Baltic Nations Agree To Support DLT Development

Nikhilesh De  – CoinDesk

Government officials in the Baltics have struck an accord that includes a commitment to support the development of technologies like blockchain. In a newly released Memorandum of Understanding, the finance ministries for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania agree to cooperate on a number of actions to expand and develop their economies – a process which, as the document outlines, would include the promotion of distributed ledger technologies to aid in capital market innovations.

DNT: The Baltics are open when it’s about the future of tech. Good for them. This will surely help them developing their financial markets.

FAO: The Baltics are investing heavily in technology, financial tech included. Estonia even proposed the theoretical idea of holding an ICO and issue its own cryptocurrency, an idea immediately crushed (reported here) by (Super) Mario Draghi, ECB president. Anyway, why do I think the Estonians have not tossed their plans? It may actually prove useful move in case of, for example, a sudden exit from the Eurozone? Just saying…


Brazil’s Central Bank Is Ramping Up Blockchain R&D

Michael del Castillo  – CoinDesk

The Central Bank of Brazil is building with just about every blockchain it can get its hands on. Members of the central bank’s blockchain team revealed they are resuming work with R3’s Corda distributed ledger platform, months after ceasing development because the technology was deemed too “immature.”

FAO: Ahem, Brazil is part of BRICS, right? BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. If I remember well Russia, India and China are the top three players of our Team “Against”, based on our Crypto-Teams BDN Global Outlook (last update here)…In essence, the “Against” countries are in favour of adopting blockchain for their (state)own good, but they are against bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies…Should we start thinking of a BRICScoin? Hmmm…

Startups, Accelerators & Hubs

Hong Kong Considers Blockchain-Based Trade-Financing System

Liu Yanfei, Teng Jing Xuan – Caixin Global

Hong Kong is looking into building a trade-financing system using blockchain technology, a senior official said. Blockchain could provide “great benefits” to trade finance in countries participating in China’s Belt and Road initiative, said James Henry Lau, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury.

FAO: More about HK’s plans in trade finance and their collaboration with Singapore – here, in Fintech Daily News.


The Forks and Fights Behind Bitcoin’s Turbulence

Yuji Nakamura, Olga Kharif – Bloomberg (subscription)

Bitcoin’s price has always been volatile, but its 29 percent down-and-mostly-back-up over the last few days was a doozy even for it. For those trying to follow along, there was no shortage of bitcoin jargon to wade through — forks, bitcoin cash, Segwit2x and transaction blocks among them.

FAO: Some of you may find the above very useful, especially these days…

Crypto Craze: Ethereum May Not Be A Bubble Despite 3,700% Explosion

Ky Trang Ho – Forbes

The second-most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, Ethereum rocketed 3,700% this year. It started 2017 at a humble $8 and soared to $308, as of Nov. 12. But for many reasons, it may not be in a bubble. It still has miles to go before reaching Bitcoin, $5,700, and Bitcoin Cash, $1,588.

Other news

Venezuelan Debt And Bitcoin Claims

Matt Levine  – Bloomberg (subscription)

FAO: Hope you can read the above!

Seven Roadblocks To Blockchain Integration In Real Estate And How To Overcome Them


With blockchain having multiple advantages, its integration into the real estate market may seem like a natural next step, but on all accounts it has been almost entirely halted, causing many to wonder if and when the technology will be fully incorporated.


FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief Blockchain Daily News

DNT: Decebal Nicolaie Todarita, Editor Blockchain Daily News