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Blockchain Daily News

by Florin Oprea

Edition 83, 30.10.2017

Fans’ Section

UBS CEO ‘Not Necessarily’ A Believer In Cryptocurrencies, But He Likes Blockchain

Ryan Browne – CNBC

Cryptocurrencies still need to be “defined” but the technology behind them will be pivotal in transforming the financial services, Sergio Ermotti, the chief executive of Swiss lender UBS said.

FAO: Can you feel the change of tone? What kind of expression is “not necessarily”? Here’s a possible translation for Ermotti’s statement: Blockchain good, Bitcoin not necessarily bad…

Last week we had China Renaissance’s CEO, Fan Bao, who said that Bitcoin is Bitcoin Is ‘Bubblish’.

DNT: A change of tone, but still a cliché. Looks like all of those who are talking about cryptos were gathered at a course of communication and learned what to say…

Bill Miller Has 30% Stake In Bitcoin, Sees Adoption As Key To Success

Jon Buck – The Cointelegraph

FAO: He bought in 2016. Not bad!

There Are Now More Than 120 Hedge Funds Focused Solely On Bitcoin, Digital Currencies

Evelyn Cheng – CNBC

More than 90 funds focused on digital assets like bitcoin have launched this year, bringing the total number of such “crypto-funds” to 124.

FAO: Earlier this year fintech analytics firm Autonomous NEXT released a list (HERE) of 55 cryptocurrency hedge funds, and the list grew at 75 in September (HERE). There are more than 120 funds now…Probably then times more in a year from now.

DNT: Just a big “wow” is enough…

Deals, Investments & M&As

Bessemer Venture Partners Surrenders To The Allure Of Digital Tokens

Julie Verhage  – Bloomberg (subscription)

The siren song of digital tokens is proving to be irresistible to another venture-capital firm.

FAO: Interesting story, especially after the above one from CNBC…n’est ce pas?

Japanese Conglomerate SBI Group Launches Eight Cryptocurrency-Based Businesses

Lisa Froelings – The Cointelegraph

Japan’s SBI Group has announced its plans to establish several new businesses based on digital currency. The group is simultaneously developing eight businesses including hedge fund management, mining, and a derivatives market.

FAO: Things are moving pretty fast in Japan, the “cryptoverse’s” absolute leader. SBI Group’s President & CEO, Yoshitaka Kitao, explained why the group is “pursuing synergies between [its] current financial ecosystem and [its] new financial ecosystem based on cryptocurrency.”


Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor Disses Bitcoin At Digital Currency Launch

Brady Dale – CoinDesk

Lebanon plans to launch its own digital currency. It’s not yet clear if the project will be based on blockchain technology, though the idea appears to have been addressed in conversation.

DNT:  ”..It’s not yet clear”…it sounds familiar…Oh, yeah we’ve heard something like that before when Kazakhstan’s Central Bank Chief said “I Don’t Fully Understand Yet What Cryptocurrency Is” – find more details here.

Catalonia’s Would-Be Independent Government Considers Cryptocurrency

Sam Bourgi  – Hacked

Catalonia’s push for independence has divided governments, speculators and thought leaders from around the world. Now, the small but economically lucrative region is looking at implementing a national cryptocurrency post-independence, along with a digital residency system inspired by Estonia.

FAO: I guess it’s time to update our:

Crypto-Teams BDN Global Outlook

Team “Pro”: Japan, Hong Kong + Singapore, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Catalonia (new entry!)

Team “Against”: China, India, Russia, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Lebanon (new entry!)

Team “Neutral”: EU, USA, Canada

Exchanges & Trading Venues

TMDEX Arrives As Taiwan’s First Digital Asset Exchange

Ted Chen  – Taipei Times

Taiwan’s first digital asset exchange, officially came online last week, joining a short list of second-generation cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

FAO: Good luck!


Kraken Ends Partnership With BitGo In Favor Of “Alternative Solution”

JP Buntinx – The Merkle

Kraken is phasing out BitGo integration. This is a rather worrisome development, considering BitGo is the leading industry provider of multisignature wallet solutions. Kraken claims to be moving to a completely different system altogether, although it remains to be seen if the company will be successful in doing so.


China’s Cryptocurrency Barons Seek New Life Across Asia

Lulu Yilun Chen, Yuji Nakamura – Bloomberg (subscription)

China’s largest cryptocurrency operators are proving hard to keep down.

FAO: As expected, bits and pieces of the Chinese “crypto” markets structure are moving to friendlier jurisdictions, in the neighbouring countries. Which countries are going to profit the most from China’s actions? Is China going to just let go? Go to our website to read an interesting interview on this topic with Bobby Lee, the CEO of BTCC, one of China’s leading crypto exchanges.

BTCC Chief Bobby Lee Discusses China Bitcoin Ban

Ian Allison – International Business Times

There were recently rumours in the twittersphere that China’s ban on trading Bitcoin was likely a temporary move and would be lifted sometime soon. Asked his opinion on the ban, and rumours it might be lifted, BTCC chief Bobby Lee takes a sober view.

Other news

This Company Added The Word ‘Blockchain’ To Its Name And Saw Its Shares Surge 394%

Lisa Pham – Bloomberg (subscription)

A British company that has been investing in internet and information businesses is having its best day on record.

FAO: #ohboy…


Ripple Is A Central Bank, Not A Cryptocurrency

The Market Mogul

Ripple, just like bitcoin, has a total cap of tokens available within the total currency system. With bitcoin, though, this cap is reached through mining, where initially the vast majority of the 21m bitcoins to be mined are still there for the taking, and over time through a process called block halving, will slow down and reach the cap.


FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief Blockchain Daily News

DNT: Decebal Nicolaie Todarita, Editor Blockchain Daily News