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Blockchain Daily News – Edition 69, 10.10.2017

Blockchain Daily News

by Florin Oprea

Edition 69, 10.10.2017

Fans’ Section

World Govts Fear Bitcoin Because They Can’t Tax It – John McAfee

Russia Today

Bitcoin Frightens Governments: John McAfee

Darryn Pollock – The Cointelegraph

Cyber security expert and Bitcoin backer John McAfee says the only fear that Bitcoin users can have is that governments will act on their own self-involved fear. The technology pioneer says the only hurdle to Bitcoin is governments trying to stop it, even though they cannot succeed at doing so.

Our income taxes are the greatest source of revenue, but if everybody’s using Bitcoin, the government doesn’t know what your income is. They can’t tax it, and if you choose to say I didn’t have anything, they cannot prove otherwise”, McAfee told

It will eventually frighten every nation state, but it doesn’t matter what they do, there’s no way you can create a law or to legislate something that will stop Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency because technically, you cannot”, he added.

FAO: We have fans and then there is John McAfee. He is a regular presence in our bulletin and here’s why – he often speaks his mind when others avoid to do it…

The blockchain revolution is already here and it will eventually change everything, just like all the previous revolutions in the history..this is history in the making!

DNT: It’s all about the hunger for taxes – the main source of governments’ revenues. Not only Bitcoin, but all cryptos are like an “alien” who develops in the body of the classical financial system and attracts his resources. The difference is that this “alien” is not harmful for the people.

Hackers’ Delight? Bitcoin Mining Comes To Aviva Due To Lack Of Passwords

William Suberg – The Cointelegraph

Hackers infecting computers to mine Bitcoin have discovered multinational corporations do not even have passwords for their admin consoles.

FAO: Here’s a funny fact – Aviva’s CEO, Mark Wilson, said earlier this year: “We want to turn Aviva into a fintech.” Well, let’s say his target was achieved sooner than anticipated…

Deals, Investments & M&As

Monaize Partners With Komodo, Launching Blockchain e-Banking Platform

Jeff Patterson – Finance Magnates

Having focused on the B2B space and young entrepreneurs, e-banking platform Monaize recognized the industry shift early on – this has driven its adoption of blockchain platforms and technology via a new strategic partnership with Komodo.


BitPay Is Growing? How Startup Suspicions Are Fueling Bitcoin’s Fork Debate

Bailey Reutzel – CoinDesk

Is bitcoin a medium of exchange or a store of value? For much of the technology’s short history, the answer has been both.

FAO: More about next month’s Segwit2x.


AIFC Astana Financial Services Authority Joins R3 Distributed Ledger Group


AIFC Astana Financial Services Authority has joined R3’s collaborative initiative to design and apply DLT to build the next generation of financial services infrastructure.

FAO: Team “Pro” (Asia) member Kazakhstan aims to create a regional hub for cryptocurrency startups, as announced this summer.


Kiwis Embrace Blockchain, Despite Bitcoin Bottleneck

Richard Macmanus – Stuff

Kiwi startups and developers are using this technology in a variety of innovative ways.


Abu Dhabi Global Financial Regulator Sets Out Guidelines On Initial Coin Offerings

Mahmoud Kassem – The National

Abu Dhabi Regulates ICOs For Cryptocurrency Funding — But Warns Of ‘Many Risks’

Arjun Kharpal – CNBC

Regulators in Abu Dhabi are beginning to regulate ICOs but have warned of the “many risks” involved.

FAO: U.A.E. (Team “Pro” (Asia) Gold member) reps, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are the spearheads of the blockchain revolution in the Arab world.

Startups, Accelerators & Hubs

Transparent ICOs? Blockchain Projects Prove Value with New Accounting Tech

Michael del Castillo – CoinDesk

With new ICOs now being announced on an almost daily basis, it’s been challenging for investors to decide where to invest, or what exactly they’re getting for their money.

FAO: Balanc3’s product aims to change the way valuations are determined in ICOs.


Why Bitcoin’s Bubble Matters

Rob Curran – The Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Ask most people about the bitcoin bubble, and they’ll probably have the same reaction: It’s interesting, but it won’t affect me. After all, they’ll figure, they aren’t investing in bitcoin, so if there is a bubble, and it does burst, they’ll be just fine. Well, maybe they should start worrying.

DNT: The question is why common people should start worrying. Analysts said that a potential crypto markets crash could affect – like in the domino’s pieces principle – the investor sentiment related to stocks in tech and financial sectors.

Other news

Want To Ditch Social Security Numbers? Try Blockchain

Suzanne Woolley – Bloomberg (premium subscription)

In the wake of the huge Equifax data breach, which compromised the personal information of 145.5 million U.S. consumers, the Trump administration asked federal departments and agencies to do something bold: Come up with a new identity system that does not rely on overexposed and octogenarian Social Security numbers.

FAO: Equifax’s Chief Information Officer And Chief Security Officer retired last month (reported here), after the mega scandal; maybe it was a prequel for the next retirement process – the “retirement” of the whole identity system…


How Amazon, Apple, Facebook And Google Could Be Toppled By Blockchain

Kevin Maney – Newsweek

Over the past six months, technologists have come to believe that blockchain can be used to build entirely new kinds of networked platforms, and these platforms can be embedded with incentives that could suck users, developers and partners out of the massive orbits of Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon.

FAO: We love competition. This edition was clearly under the sign of the “revolution” – the “blockchain” revolution will create opportunities for new players; the tech “giants” will clearly feel the competition.  


FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief Blockchain Daily News

DNT: Decebal Nicolaie Todarita, Editor Blockchain Daily News