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Blockchain Daily News

by Florin Oprea

Edition 6, 11.07.2017

Deals, Investments & M&As

Santiment ICO Hits $10m Target Less Than 45 Seconds into Semi-public Offering

Avi Mizrahi – Finance Magazine

Santiment, a crypto-market information network, has announced the successful completion of its token sale. The token sale reached Santiment’s intended hard cap of 45,000 ETH (worth over $10 million at the current Ethereum price level) within two days, and less than 45 seconds (within three blocks) after opening the semi-public portion.

FAO: We don’t have news about the “Useless Ethereum Token” ICO today BUT this first story could have been added in a “OMG Section!?!!” This is madness! N’est-ce pas?

FAO: Unlike the “Useless Ethereum Token”, which I hope it’s a joke, the initiators of the project below say it’s not a joke…

No Joke: Blockchain Startup Tierion to Seek $25 Million in Ethereum Token Sale

Pete Rizzo – CoinDesk

Tierion is announcing the Tierion Network Token (TNT), a publicly tradable digital asset that will be built on the ethereum blockchain.As described in a new white paper, Tierion’s token will seek to extend and amplify the network effect that supports its Chainpoint protocol, a technology the startup developed in 2015 that enables users to create time-stamped proofs using public blockchains.

Blockchain Energy Startup Conjoule Raises €4.5 Million Series A

Wolfie Zhao – CoinDesk

Japanese energy conglomerate TEPCO has invested in in blockchain startup Conjoule’s €4.5m funding round.The Germany-based startup, which is focused on developing peer-to-peer energy trading solutions using blockchain, also received funding from the Innogy Innovation Hub, which incubated the project from its inception.

FAO: Japan’s TEPCO but also Innogy Innovation Hub invested in this German company which is building a decentralised energy marketplace. Lots of energy in the energy sector in Europe since Enel SpA and RWE AG announced (reported here, during our soft launch) the start of live trading based on blockchain in Q4, using a software called Enerchain that allows anonymous peer-to-peer trading. Oh and Canada’s TMX Group (the exchange group) tests natural gas transmission with Blockchain-based prototype, reported here.

Initial Coin Offerings: Cryptocurrency’s Next High-Risk Big Money Maker

Alex Hern – The Guardian

After the boom and bust and boom of bitcoin, where some lost millions on discarded drives and others found forgotten wallets with enough to buy a flats in Oslo, the next big thing in the cryptocurrency is here to generate millions of pounds for the lucky few brave enough to invest: the initial coin offering (ICO).

‘Underground Fundraising’ Is Keeping Investors Up At Night

Bonnie Halper – The Memo

Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs (pronounced ‘eye-cos’) have taken the world by storm.

Instead of turning to traditional investors, burgeoning blockchain-based firms are creating new digital tokens and swapping them for cold hard cash.


Uganda: Experts, Police Seek Law to Regulate Digital Currency

Joseph Kato – All Africa

Kampala — Police and financial experts have called for a policy to regulate digital currencies, also known as crypto currencies, in order to minimise cases of electronic fraud.

Exchanges & Trading Venues

Cryptocurrency Exchange ArbX ‘Technological Issue’ Sees ‘Complete Loss Of Funds,’ Scam Accusations

William Suberg – The Coin Telegraph

Cryptocurrency investment platform arbX is facing scam accusations after it told users it was “looking at a complete loss of funds.”

FAO: Ooops, it seems we clearly needed that “OMG Section!?!!” anyway…


More Bitcoin Regulations Are Coming

Maria Terekhova – Business Insider

While most federal regulators in the US have taken a sluggish approach to cryptocurrencies, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has been an exception. In September 2015, the body designated cryptocurrencies as commodities, rather than currencies.

FAO: Praises CFTC’s steps in the crypto world.

Equity Markets On A Blockchain: Delaware’s Potential Impact

Noelle Acheson –  CoinDesk

Last week, Delaware passed amendments to state legislation that, once signed into law by the end of July, will give corporations registered in the state the right to issue and trade shares on a blockchain platform.

FAO: Makes reference to Delaware passing amendments to state law (reported here) – making explicit the right to trade stocks on a blockchain.

Startups, Accelerators & Hubs

Niko Woischnik: Berlin Will Become The Blockchain Capital

Maren Lesche – Yourstory

Niko is a well-known influencer and serial entrepreneur. Together with his two cofounders Kerstin Bock and Carolin Lessoued, he runs three companies: TOA, co-working space Ahoy! Berlin with offices in Berlin and Brazil, and Openrs, a consulting agency.

FAO: Profile of Berlin’s Niko Woischnik, cofounder of: Tech Open Air (TOA), co-working space Ahoy! Berlin and Openrs, a consulting agency.

ConsenSys, Nation Of Mauritius In Talks To Create ‘Ethereum Island’

Aaron Stanley –  CoinDesk

Ethereum startup ConsenSys is actively exploring a partnership with the African nation of Mauritius that could create a so-called “Ethereum Island,” a hub for blockchain technology innovators that would seek to branch out into Africa, Asia and beyond.

FAO: ConsenSys reps met the nation’s Board of Investment, the Bank of Mauritius and other private and public sector authorities.


Can Cryptocurrencies Cause PayPal A Serious Headache?

Seeking Alpha

While plenty of technology companies have lost to peer to peer, open source organizations, no one would’ve expected PayPal could face this as well.

FAO: Yes, yes and yes.

Are Crypto Riches Tax-Free?

Kelly Phillips Erb –  Forbes

With billions being made in the crypto-bubble, Uncle Sam wants his cut. Getting his hands on it will be another matter.

FAO: “Uncle Sam wants his cut” – check the “Regulation” section again.

Bitcoin Mining Fund Closes Its First Year With 160% ROI


Even if the price of Bitcoin goes down, bitcoin mining is still paying you newly minted bitcoins – which represents a gain to your position.

FAO: Uh oh.

A Bank Replaced A Fax Machine With Blockchain. Was It Worth It?

John Detrixhe, Joon Ian Wong – Quartz

Few things are hotter in the financial services industry right now than blockchain. The technology is being tested in a variety of ways, going up against decades-old technology that’s ripe for replacement. But now that there are live blockchain-based systems in place, advocates need to prove that they’re better than the alternatives.

Poised To Overtake Bitcoin This Year, Ethereum Is Changing The Way We Think About Cryptocurrency

Alex Tapscott – The Globe and Mail

Bitcoin is the mother of all cryptocurrencies, and the most famous of them. Created by a person or people using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, it defined the algorithms that enable the transfer of assets from one party to another without an intermediary, such as a bank.

Other news

Zug To Use Blockchain For Citizen ID


Starting in September, the city of Zug will provide a digital identity to its citizens – the first community in the world to do so. The electronic identity will be based on an application which secures personal information with the help of the blockchain technology and linked to a crypto-address, Zug said in a statement.

FAO: All kind of blockchain stories emerge from Zug Valley. Here’s another one we reported last month, during our soft launch.

TigerRisk Joins R3 And Acord insurance Industry Centre Of Excellence For DLT


TigerRisk Partners has become the first insurance broker/advisor to join R3’s Centre of Excellence for distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the insurance and reinsurance industries, which it runs in partnership with ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development).

Enterprise Blockchain Attracting M&A As It Enters Commercialization

Yizhu Wang – Forbes

Financial institutions and venture capital investors are betting on the opportunities of updating the financial infrastructure with blockchain.


FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief Blockchain Daily News

DNT: Decebal Nicolaie Todarita, Editor Blockchain Daily News