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Blockchain Daily News

by Florin Oprea

Edition 57, 21.09.2017

Ray Dalio, Founder Of The World’s Largest Hedge Fund, Says ‘Bitcoin Is A bubble’

Tae Kim –

Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio said he is not a believer in cryptocurrencies. The investor said there are two important facets to being considered a valid currency: ease of transactions as a medium of exchange and being a “storehold of wealth.”

DNT: Uh, oh..another one…

FAO: Yeah, another one….


Sovereign Cryptocurrencies: Should Central Banks Issue Them?

Snezana Sokolovska – The Market Mogul

Cryptocurrencies have had a record-breaking year, spurred on by the birth of numerous new altcoins and rising valuations, as well as various scandals and fluctuations. As cryptocurrencies’ popularity rises, so too does the prospect of bridging the market recognition gap between digital and fiat money, in the context of blockchain.

DNT: An idea that catches speed lately…There are some examples of central banks  (China, Estonia) that are thinking about it…but this is an equation with so many variables: technical, economic and so on…However, the BIG question is: if cryptocurrencies are to be issued by central banks (thus regulated) will they still serve their original purpose?

Exchanges & Trading Venues

China’s Bitcoin Clampdown Is Likely Here To Stay, Analysts Say

Evelyn Cheng – CNBC

China’s latest crackdown on bitcoin will likely shut down the local industry around the digital currency for good, several analysts said.

FAO: Hopefully this will be a classic example of “epic failure”. Only time will tell. Questions for now: How can these leaders even imagine they can succeed in shutting everything (‘cryptoverse”) down? How scared did they really get, after realizing the real potential of the “crypto”-phenomenon, in order to act like this? What’s next? “Who” is next, after China, to take similar measures? Remember we have already seen quite a lot of countries going the “crypto” way and encouraging this phenomenon. Are we about to witness the world divided on this?  


From Blockchains To Mooncakes: Two Chinese Crypto Founders On The ICO And Bitcoin Exchanges Ban

Laura Shin – Forbes

DNT: Very interesting story about the BTC “saga” in China from the dominant position in trading, mining and manufacturing mining equipment to banning ICO‘s and closing BTC exchanges. Totally worth a few minutes of your time.

Latest Developments & Agreements

Better Than Blockchain’ New Asset Trading System Unveiled

James Eyers – Financial Review

The chief scientist of the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre, Michael Aitken, has demonstrated a new asset trading system – known as – which he says will allow a broad range of financial assets to be traded at virtually no cost with immediate settlement, potentially disruptive to existing markets like the Australian Securities Exchange.

FAO: More interesting work coming from Down Under…Go Aussies!

Blockchain Truce? Putin’s Internet Adviser Calls For US-Russia Cooperation

Michael del Castillo – CoinDesk

An adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin has a strong message for state governments: stop competing for blockchain dominance. Herman Klimenko said that global superpowers should unite to create a coalition centered on blockchain technology.

DNT: In a very pertinent comment of one of today’s stories (China’s Bitcoin Clampdown Is Likely Here To Stay), Florin asked if the world will divide on cryptoverse issues…Indeed, it might impact global relations, but there is some hope that it can be in a positive way…And no, that not means “to control”, but to “support” (hopefully).


Why The Delaware Blockchain Initiative Matters To All Dealmakers

Joshua Ashley Klayman, Geoffrey R. Peck and Mark S. Wojciechowski – Forbes

The Delaware Blockchain Initiative is designed to solve very real operational and legal challenges affecting some of the largest corporations and commercial transactions on the global stage.

FAO: Discussing Delaware’s blockchain related legislation introduced earlier this year.

CFTC’s Quintenz Says DLT Will Cause “Sea Change”

Costas Mourselas – Global Capital (subscription)

Quintenz was named sponsor of CFTC’s Technology Advisory Committee.

FAO: CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintenz discussing DLT and its future.  


These Are The Trends Affecting The Cryptocurrency Market In 2017

Divya Joshi – Business Insider

When the world becomes comfortable with one technology, a newer and better technology often comes to play, breaking the routine and bringing about drastic changes.

FAO: BI Intelligence has issued two detailed reports on the blockchain: The Blockchain in the IoT Report and The Blockchain in Banking Report. You need to pay in order to access them.

Other news

$700 Billion Senate Defense Bill Calls For Blockchain Cybersecurity Study

Stan Higgins – CoinDesk

The US Senate passed a massive defense spending package that provides hundreds of billions of dollars to the US military. Public records show that an amendment included in that bill, proposed by Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, would “require a report on cyber applications of blockchain technology” if signed into law.

DNT: The stronger the state’s interest in a phenomenon outside its sphere of control, the more important this phenomenon is…And that concludes a lot of today’s stories!


FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief Blockchain Daily News

DNT: Decebal Nicolaie Todarita, Editor Blockchain Daily News