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by Florin Oprea

Edition 54, 18.09.2017

Is It Bitcoin Hunting Season?

Sam Volkering – Money Morning

FAO: Hah! This article made my day! It’s today’s must-read!! Even if you are not a big Looney Tunes fan…

Of course when you realise it’s duck season and not rabbit season, you also realise something else. And if you’ve ever seen a Bugs and Daffy cartoon, you’ll get this. The rabbit always wins in the end. Always.

Deals, Investments & M&As

‘Crazy’ ICOs Are Driven By Bitcoin Millionaires Who Need To Diversify But Don’t Want To Pay Tax

Jim Edwards – Business Insider

More than $1.8 billion has been raised in “initial coin offerings” this year, much of it by companies you have never heard of.

DNT:  Have you ever imagined that is an ICON to build the largest aquarium in the world….for example?  So,  “where is all this ICO money coming from?” and why the money keeps coming are legitimate questions…


Bitcoin Fans Fire Back At Jamie Dimon After ‘Fraud’ Comment

Eugene Kim –  CNBC

If JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon was trying to set off the bitcoin community with his criticism of cryptocurrency, he succeeded.

FAO: This was highly expected after JD’s attack…

Too Soon To Determine Risks Of Central Bank-Issued Cryptocurrencies: BIS

Jemima Kelly – Reuters

It is too soon to determine whether central banks should issue their own cryptocurrencies, the Bank for International Settlements said on Sunday, as the risks could not yet be fully assessed and the technology underpinning them is still unproven.

FAO: All eyes on the “cryptoverse”. BIS joins the group of institutions issuing observations on the “crypto matter”.

BoE Official: Central Bank Digital Currency Would Need ‘Extraordinary’ Resilience

Nikhilesh De – CoinDesk

A researcher at the Bank of England explored some of the design requirements for a central bank-issued digital currency earlier this week – regardless of whether it utilizes blockchain to operate.

Exchanges & Trading Venues

China Reportedly Orders All Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Shut Down

Stan Schroeder – Mashable

It’s Over: China’s Biggest Bitcoin Exchanges Will Halt All Trading Services For Local Customers

Zheping Huang – Quartz

The last hope for digital-currency trading in China is dead.China’s two largest bitcoin exchanges, Huobi and OKCoin, said on Saturday (Sept. 16) that they will halt all trading services for local customers. It’s an about-face from their statements just a day earlier, in which the two companies said they would only halt yuan-based crypto trading by the end of October.

FAO: It was madness on Friday…All asset prices dropped. BTCChina and ViaBTC have announced they would close on September 30 while Huobi and OKCoin said they would stop all trading operations by October 31.

Japan Becomes Largest Bitcoin Market as Traders Leave China

Joseph Young – The Cointelegraph

Japan has once again become the largest Bitcoin exchange market with 50.75 percent market share of the global Bitcoin exchange market.

FAO: Volumes are moving to Japan, South Korea and HK…


SETL Aims For 2018 Launch Of Blockchain-Based Fund Platform


SETL and four french fund managers are aiming to go into production in 2018 with a pan-European fund record-keeping platform based on blockchain technology.


China’s Internet Finance Body Calls For Cryptocurrency Framework


A senior executive at China’s internet finance association has urged Chinese regulators to create a framework of regulations to support the development of digital currencies amid a fierce crackdown on trading on virtual tender such as bitcoin.

FAO: So Li Lihui said that “global regulators should work together on digital currencies”. So they have even bigger plans…so this is an “organized attack” after all…


Crypto Tethers As The New Eurodollars

Izabella Kaminska – Financial Times (subscription)


Unfazed By Wild Swings, Strategist Tom Lee Still Sees Bitcoin Surging Another 600% In 5 Years

Matthew J. Belvedere –

It’s going to take more than a double-digit percentage drop in a week to shake strategist Tom Lee’s faith in the potential of bitcoin.

FAO: Now that looks like a “Strong Buy”…Oh I forgot to ask…what do you think? You can send your opinion HERE, if you want.


FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief Blockchain Daily News

DNT: Decebal Nicolaie Todarita, Editor Blockchain Daily News