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Editor Decebal Nicolaie Todarita (DNT): It’s almost weekend, but we still have a lot of excellent stories for you today. So, before the end of the day scroll down to find the latest Blockchain Daily News. For example, have you ever wonder how it’s to lose $3 Billion Of Bitcoin? We have an exemple: India.

Breaking News

World Bank Breaks Ground With Blockchain Bond Sale

Henny Sender – Financial Times (subscription)

The World Bank Is Preparing For The World’s First Blockchain Bond

Cheang Ming – CNBC

The World Bank has mandated Commonwealth Bank of Australia to arrange the world’s first blockchain bond.The Kangaroo bond, referring to foreign bonds issued in Australia in the local currency, has been named bond-i, an acronym standing for Blockchain Offered New Debt Instrument. (It’s also a reference to Bondi Beach, an iconic spot in Sydney.)

Overstock Shares Soar After Private Equity Firm Agrees To Invest In Blockchain Subsidiary

Carmin Chappell – CNBC

Overstock shares jumped as much as 21% in after-hours trading on Thursday after the e-commerce retailer announced that Hong Kong private equity firm GSR Capital will invest up to $270 million into Overstock’s blockchain subsidiary tZero.

How To Lose $3 Billion Of Bitcoin In India

Archana Chaudhary & Jeanette Rodrigues – Bloomberg (subscription)

Investors in India lost an alleged $3B of Bitcoin, in what could be one of the country’s biggest cryptocurrency scams.Accusations of tax evasion and police corruption, a kidnapper who was kidnapped, a fugitive politician, and billions in bitcoin lost. This is crypto-trading Gujarat-style.The ingredients are part of an investigation in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state into allegations that investors poured cash into a bitcoin-based Ponzi scheme that could exceed the country’s largest banking scandal.

Deals & Investments

Bank Of China CIO, Liu Qiuwan,Says Bank To Increase Investments In Blockchain, Fintech

Max Yakubowski – Cointelegraph

Bank Of China To Boost Investment In Innovation R&D

Asia Times

The Bank of China, one of the big four state-owned banks, announced it will greatly increase investment in innovation R&D. In addition to conventional technology investment, the annual input on the R&D of science and technology will not be less than 1% of the bank’s operating income, according to Liu Qiuwan, Chief Information Officer of the bank, The Paper reported (Ed. note – link in Chinese).

DNT:  As the story informs, the bank has already applied blockchain technology in 12 projects, mainly to improve the areas of data sharing, cross-border payment, digital currency and digital bills.According to the global blockchain enterprise patent ranking in 2017, the Bank of China owns 11 blockchain technology patents, ranking 20th among global companies.

Singapore’s Golden Gate Ventures Launches $10 Million Crypto Fund

Reuters Staff – (Reuters

Singapore-based venture capital firm Golden Gate Ventures said it will launch a $10 million fund to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology startups.The fund, called LuneX Ventures, will invest in early-stage companies globally such as cryptocurrency exchanges and security providers.

Blockchain Firm Soluna To build 900MW Wind Farm In Morocco – CEO John Belizaire

Channel News Asia

Blockchain company Soluna plans to build a 900-megawatt wind farm to power a computing center in Dakhla in the Morocco-administered Western Sahara, its chief executive John Belizaire said.

Philippines To Build $100 Million Crypto Valley

Komfie Manalo – Cryptovest

A cryptocurrency and fintech hub will rise inside the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) – a government economic zone in the northern part of the Philippines that is seen to challenge the Switzerland Crypto Valley, the state news agency PIA reported.

GMO’s Cryptocurrency Business Made $2.3 Million Profit in Q2

Wolfie Zhao – Coindesk   

Japanese IT giant GMO has just reported making an operating profit of 255 million yen (about $2.3 million) for its cryptocurrency business in the second quarter of this year.

The firm released its financial report following an earnings call which indicated that the company’s crypto segment made a total of 2.6 billion yen, or $23 million, in net revenue.

European Crypto Exchange Exmo Partners With Mistertango For Faster Payments And Transfers


Mistertango, the first crypto-friendly fintech company, announced a partnership with one of the biggest European crypto-exchanges, EXMO, with average daily trading volumes of around $50, allowing users to trade, exchange and store their assets with ease.

Exchanges & Trading Venues

Binance Offers First Look At Planned Decentralized Crypto Exchange

Christine Kim – CoinDesk     

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance unveiled the platform’s first look at its upcoming decentralized exchange (DEX). Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, announced back in March that it plans to launch a new public blockchain for the purposes of developing the Binance Chain, a platform to transfer and trade different crypto assets without a centralized operator. T

Monero (XMR) Deposits And Withdrawals Resumed On Bithumb Cryptocurrency Exchange

Eduard Watson – Oracle Times

After the cyber attack that affected Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange platform in mid-June, causing losses of about $31 million, the crypto trading company announced that Monero deposits and withdrawals resumed on Bithumb.

DNT: Read more about Bithumb hack from June here, Fans’ Section.

Bitcoin Custodian Paxos Enters Gold Market With Post-Trade Confirmation Product

Sarah Hansen – Forbes

Paxos, the parent company of the regulated cryptocurrency exchange itBit, announced that INTL FCStone a London-based financial services company, will be the first to use the Paxos Confirmation Service, a tool designed to streamline the post-trade confirmation process for the precious metals market. The service is the first phase of a larger effort by Paxos to build a blockchain-based post-trade solution for precious metals and other related markets.


Crypto Technicals Flash Pain Ahead, Eye Bitcoin at $4,000

Todd White – Bloomberg (subscription)

Top Technical Analyst  Jeff deGraaf Says It Could Be ‘Game Over’ For Bitcoin

Tae Kim – CNBC

Renaissance Macro Research says if the price of bitcoin breaks its key year-to-date support level the digital currency will be “permanently impaired.” The firm’s head of technical research, Jeff deGraaf, said he would recommend betting against bitcoin if the cryptocurrency broke through its key year-to-date support level.

Aussie Companies To Create Two-Way Bitcoin ATMs

Cindy Huynh – BTC Manager

Australia-based companies DigitalX and Stargroup Ltd. recently partnered to create a two-way ATMs for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to buy and sell Bitcoin direct from ATMs.  While the agreement covers the entire international network of Stargroup ATMs, both companies are keen to begin the two-way ATM rollout in Australia.Partnership to cover the global network of Stargroup ATMs

Banking For Crypto Business A Global Issue

Scott Neil – Royal Gazette

Ups and downs: the high volatility of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is one of the reasons why many large banks are reticent to involve themselves in crypto-related banking. Bermuda is in the process of establishing a new class of banking licence to provide banking services to Bermuda-based fintech companies.


Via PRNewswire – Retail tech veteran, Stuart Simms, appointed as CEO at Rakuten

Via Globe Newswire – Global blockchain company AlphaPoint appoints experienced cybersecurity executive Srikant Manda as chief information security officer

South Korea’s Science Ministry Announces Six-Month Blockchain Youth Training Initiative

William Suberg – Cointelegraph

The South Korean government is set to launch a program dedicated to fostering young talent in emerging areas including blockchain a press release confirmed. The 2018 Innovative Growing Youth Talent Concentration Project is the second installment of the initiative following a successful inaugural round, which ran June 11 through July 10.


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Latest Developments & Agreements

IBM Teams With Maersk On New Blockchain Shipping Solution

Ron Miller – TechCrunch

IBM and shipping giant Maersk having been working together for the last year developing a blockchain-based shipping solution called TradeLens. Now they moved the project from Beta into limited availability.

Wikipedia Competitor Everipedia’s Blockchain Is Now Live

Nikhilesh De  – CoinDesk

The mainnet for decentralized encyclopedia startup Everipedia is now live.

The blockchain-based Wikipedia competitor announced the launch on Thursday, allowing users to earn its IQ tokens for adding or editing articles to the platform. These tokens, in turn, will let users participate and vote on network governance issues.


FCA Warns Of Crypto Clone Firms

Rachel Addison – FT Adviser

The Financial Conduct Authority has warned consumers this week about clone firms in the cryptocurrency market.The regulator has issued two warnings with regards to fraudsters using the details of FCA authorised companies to create a ‘clone firm’, with which they then contact consumers in the UK.

Blockchain Research Institute Report Calls For Crypto Regulation Clarity

Christine Kim – Coindesk     

Don Tapscott, the co-founder and executive director of the Blockchain Research Institute – a multi-million dollar global blockchain think tank – published a report calling for increased regulatory clarity on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

“Regulators would be wise to avoid the chainsaw when microsurgery could do” when it comes to blockchain technology, says author Don Tapscott.


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Barclays Is Pitting Blockchains Against Each Other (For a Cause)

Ian Allison – Coindesk  

U.K. banking giant Barclays is challenging up-and-coming blockchain coders to help revamp the global derivatives market at a hackathon next month.DerivHack will take place simultaneously in London and New York on September 20-21 at Barclays’ Rise accelerator spaces. The International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Deloitte and Thomson Reuters are co-sponsoring the event.


Google Search Can Predict Bitcoin Price Increases, Study Finds

Nikhilesh De  – CoinDesk

A recent study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that cryptocurrency markets move depending on the type of attention they receive – unlike traditional financial markets.

Talking Crypto: Speed And Costs Reduction Versus Theft, Poor Security And Criminal Activity

Razvan Zamfir – Business Review

The potential of cryptocurrency to increase speed and reduce the cost of business is threatened by theft, poor security and criminal activity, according to an analysis of Alex Milcev, EY  Romania’s leader of the Department for Tax and Legal Assistance.

Most Asian Companies Unconvinced By Blockchain’s Use In Trade Finance

Finbarr Bermingham – Global Trade Review

The majority of Asia’s top 1,000 companies are unconvinced that digital technologies such as blockchain will improve their trade finance experience.54% of those polled in exclusive research conducted on behalf of GTR said they were either unsure whether it would translate into a better user experience, or that it would definitely not do so.

Other news

Crypto Has A Killer App

Connie  Yang – Fast Company

When I started at Coinbase a year ago, it quickly became clear that there are a thousand big problems to solve in crypto–and very few of them had been considered by a designer. I shared this thought with one of my design heroes, John Maeda. Where should I begin? He looked at me thoughtfully and said, “It sounds like what you need is a design movement.”

Court Sides With Crypto Exchange Despite Allegation It Violated China Ban

Wolfie Zhao – CoinDesk    

A Chinese cryptocurrency trader who was sent bitcoin in error must repay an exchange even if it broke domestic rules, a Beijing court has ruled.In a judgement  an intermediate Beijing court upheld a decision made by a district court early this year that a bitcoin trader named Li Jianfeng must return the proceeds he received from selling five bitcoins he obtained by accident.


Is Blockchain Technology The Future of Voting?

Nafeesa Syeed – Bloomberg (subscription)

In Mac Warner’s 23 years in the U.S. Army, he experienced firsthand the hurdles of voting from abroad. “On a hillside in Afghanistan, it’s hard to get mail, it’s hard to ship it out,” he says.As West Virginia’s secretary of state, Warner wants to help deployed service members to more easily cast a ballot—only 20% of the state’s overseas military personnel voted in 2016. He also wants to bolster election security.

Why Security Experts Hate That “Blockchain Voting” Will Be Used In The Midterm Elections

Mike Orcutt – Technology Review

Voting in West Virginia just got a lot more high-tech—and experts focused on election security aren’t happy about it.

Yale Economist: Here’s How likely It Is That Bitcoin Will Become Worthless

Ali Montag – CNBC

“The current implied daily disaster probability is about 0.4% for Bitcoin, 0.6% for Ripple, and 0.3% for Ethereum,” according to the report by Yale University economics professor Aleh Tsyvinski and economics Ph.D. candidate Yukun Liu.



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