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Blockchain Daily News

by Florin Oprea

Edition #23, 26.06.2017

Deals, Investments & M&As

New Token Sale For Blockchain-Based Currency EOS

Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss – Reuters launched the sale of a new blockchain-based digital currency or token called EOS on Monday.

The sale is the latest capital-raising exercise by a technology startup creating its own digital currency and selling tokens to the public, a practice that has no regulatory oversight.

FAO: Looking forward to seeing the results of the this sale. Check the article below for more details about EOS

EOS: Unpacking the Big Promises Behind a Possible Blockchain Contender

Aaron Stanley – CoinDesk

So, what should investors make of this mysterious project? And what should they think when, as part of an effort to build the platform, they hear the company is raising funds through a four-stage offering of 1 billion EOS tokens, scheduled to commence Monday?

Depending on who you ask, you may get one of many answers.

Skincoin ICO Overcomes Ethereum Network Issue to Raise Minimum Goal in under 24 Hours


Skincoin ICO crossed the minimum fundraising goal of 5000 ETH in less than a day as ether transactions were affected by network issues.

ANX International’s OpenANX ICO Raises Over $14 Million on Day One


OpenANX, a decentralized exchange project promoted by ANX International raises over $14 million on the very first day.

FAO: How about a Blockchain Daily News ICO? We only need less than $1m to get in good shape for pushing forward.

Future of Blockchain Investing

Allan Smith – Huffington Post

Cryptocurrency has been creating a lot of buzz of late, with both bitcoin and ethereum prices hitting record highs, again and again. Even Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Intel and JPMorgan are adding Ethereum and Blockchain, the technology created to support both and dubbed Web 3.0, to their strategic roadmaps. They’ve recently joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), comprised of some of the world’s best-known enterprises, along with startup blockchain innovators.

Why AI Hedge Fund Moved From Bitcoin to Ethereum Network

Joseph Young – The Cointelegraph

Numerai, a hedge fund created by South African developer Richard Craib, has begun to incentivize its anonymous data scientists with Ethereum’s native token Ether instead of Bitcoin.

FAO: Last week we reported that Numerai released 1.2 million ‘numeraire’ tokens.

PHILIPP SANDNER, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center: This is no wonder given the amazing possibilities the Ethereum network provides, especially smart contracts and “minting” tokens.


MGT Capital Launches Pilot Program to Mine Ethereum

PR Newswire

MGT Capital Investments, Inc. (OTC: MGTI) announced an agreement with Bit5ive LLC to purchase up to 60 graphics processor-based mining computers. These machines will utilize the highest quality GPU cards and Intel CPU’s with a design to divide the hash rate between Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Coinbase Is Reimbursing Losses Caused By The Ethereum Flash Crash

Fitz Tepper – TechCrunch

Earlier this week, GDAX, the digital currency exchange run by Coinbase, experienced a flash crash in its USD – Ethereum market.

Within seconds the price of ETH crashed from ~$320 to as low as $0.10. While the price recovered quickly, the rapid price movement caused many traders to experience margin calls or stop loss orders, resulting in potentially severe losses.

FAO: Cool.

Exchanges & Trading Venues

BTCC Launches Its First Pure Cryptocurrency-to-Cryptocurrency Exchange


BTCC introduced its first pure cryptocurrency exchange BTCC DAX. The exchange allows customers to exchange their bitcoins for ethereum classic and other cryptocurrencies, and vice-versa.

Ambisafe Announces Orderbook — an Innovative Trading Platform for Ethereum-Based ICO Tokens

PP Newswire

Orderbook, a new venture organized by the team behind Ambisafe, is a trading platform for Ethereum-based ICO tokens. Through this trading platform, ICO participants can take advantage of cutting edge security, in which all critical operations are executed via Ethereum smart contracts, and all assets will be held “on-chain.”

FAO: Hope to get an account there soon.

I tested South Africa’s First Ethereum Exchange

My Broadband

ICE3X recently launched South Africa’s first exchange for Ethereum, allowing traders to buy and sell the cryptocurrency with rand.


Bitcoin Regulations Create Issues for Cyber Security Experts

Trendin Tech

Vinny Troia, a cyber security expert with Night Lion Security, had his account questioned last year by Coinbase. After explaining to the company that part of his business involves using these accounts to pay digital ransom after a client’s data had been stolen or hacked, a very common practice, CoinBase asked for proof of authorization from the U.S. Department of Justice. Although Troia could find no evidence that such an authorization existed or was required, Coinbase suspended his account. When Troia opened accounts in other names so that he could continuing working, Coinbase suspended those accounts as well.

Stratis Introduces the World to ‘Blockchain as a Service’

Brian D. Evans – Inc.

Stratis is similar to a SaaS company but is specifically built to offer blockchain as their service.

FAO: We live strange and interesting times.


Visa Is Hiring An Ethereum Blockchain Engineer


For all those hardcore ethereum bugs who got stopped out at $13 during last week’s 96% flash crash (and in some cases as low as $0.10) we have some good news: Visa wants to hire a BlockChain engineer who is “experienced with Ethereum and blockchain architecture to be a part of team tasked with building distributed application.”

There is just one problem: while we are confident compensation will be generous, according to the qualification requirements, “total Industry experience must be 8+ years” which is about twice as long as Ethereum has been in existence, and roughly as long as the very concept of blockchain has existed: perhaps Visa is only seeking to hire Satoshi?

FAO: We had a very good laugh when we read this today.

Bitcoin Speculators Are The New Day Traders

Evelyn Cheng – CNBC

To some market analysts, quiet, expensive stock markets are being overlooked by worrisome speculative activity in products such as bitcoin.

Startups, Accelerators & Hubs

Chicago Looks to Become Fintech Mecca As Lawmakers Show They Actually Understand Blockchain

Leigh Cuen – IBT

Frustrated blockchain and fintech innovators in the United States are just about to rip their hair out as they watch the world move on without them. (FAO: read our sister publication too. In today’s issue we covered the publication of the EY Fintech Adoption Index. China is the supreme leader…)

Singapore and the United Kingdom are creating tech-savvy regulations, while the United Arab Emirates invests over $1 billion in building up a government-sponsored blockchain industry. Meanwhile, American lawmakers are barely recognizing the cryptocurrency boom at a glacial pace, even proposing bills that fundamentally misinterpret how blockchain technology works.

In response — Illinois is crafting a state-run solution, arguably the nation’s most comprehensive blockchain initiative.

The Case of Portugal’s Blockchain

Waters Technology (sub)

Blockchain has survived its own hype and ongoing criticism by a number of experts and industry players. Or maybe it is merely an example of how newly introduced technologies are treated by the industry and what they can expect from their circle of life. They break the news, everyone goes mad, some declare their frustration with the hype, and then they end up being just another way of doing business—AI, I am looking at you.



UC Berkeley’s Blockchain at Berkeley (B@B) is hosting a three-day Crypto-Economics Security Conference (CESC) from Monday, October 2nd to Wednesday, October 4th in the Pauley Ballroom located at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union building on the UC Berkeley campus. – more details here.


Too Many Cryptocurrencies? Huobi Launches Quantitative Model for Investors

Wolfie Zhao – CoinDesk

Named SMARTChain and designed with support from academics, the model intends to serve as a guide for global investors who have an interest in cryptocurrencies and a need for a more scientific way to appraise each platform’s differences. Currently in beta, the results of the model will be updated monthly and quarterly to focus on those with the highest market capitalization.

FAO: Must be a powerful tool.

Bitcoin’s Legal Status Around the World

The Merkle

FAO: Useful data.


Easiest Path to Riches on the Web? An Initial Coin Offering

Nathaniel Popper – NY Times

A new crop of technology entrepreneurs is forgoing the usual routes to raising money.

Analyzing Ether: A Bitcoin Investor’s Skeptical Take

P4man – CoinDesk

P4man’ is an active bitcoin miner and investor with an academic background in economy and IT. He has been a member of the online discussion forum Bitcoin Talk since September, 2011.

In this opinion piece, P4man looks at the cryptocurrency market to see if there is a credible alternative to bitcoin. Can ethereum cut the mustard?

FAO: Well? What do you think about this?

FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief Blockchain Daily News