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by Florin Oprea

Edition 23, 03.08.2017


Litecoin Founder Not Worried About Bitcoin Cash Moving into Altcoin Scene: CNBC

Joshua Althauser – The Cointelegraph

Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee recently shared with CNBC his position in the controversial Bitcoin split.

FAO: You can watch the video here.

Why South Koreans Are Risking It All On Ethereum

Elaine Ramirez  – Forbes

Investing in digital currencies is a 24-hour roller coaster, and South Koreans appear to be riding that thrill. Even the government and major banks are in on the action. The price of Bitcoin is skyrocketing due to a stronger demand from Asia, and South Korea is the third-largest market in the world.

FAO: They are “riding the thrill” and driving the change in the financial markets universe. Don’t forget Asia is the uncontested leader in fintech adoption.

Swedish Police to Seek EU Funds for Cryptocurrency Research

Wolfie Zhao – CoinDesk

National police forces in Europe are seeking new cash for research on how to tackle cybercrimes involving cryptocurrencies. According to an evaluation report released late last month, the Swedish Police Authority and its counterparts in Austria and Germany are preparing to bid for funding from a program called Horizon 2020, a European Union research initiative.

FAO: Good. The sooner the better.

Crypto Currencies Are Mirroring Pre-crash Banking Systems

Izabella Kaminska – Financial Times (subscription)

When bitcoin, the crypto currency, first arrived on the scene in 2009 it sold itself on a simple principle. Unlike central bank money, the supply of which could be expanded on the whim of a non-democratically elected committee, bitcoin’s supply would remain capped at 21 million coins at any cost. This would be effected by way of a decentralised protocol, making it theoretically impossible for any single authority to override or control it.

Exchanges & Trading Venues

CBOE Plans To Launch Bitcoin Futures, Announces Agreement With Winklevoss Brothers’ Digital Currency Exchange

Evelyn Cheng – CNBC

The Chicago Board Options Exchange, the largest U.S. options exchange, is planning to launch its own bitcoin derivatives trading products by early next year.

DNT: Now, that’s a real challenge for the investors, with high risk appetite…A gold mine or just a pyrite illusion? What do you think? Send us your thoughts!

FAO: I think it is one big step forward for the exchange industry. CBOE grabs the cryptocurrency opportunity. Remember there are two other licensed markets (SEFs actually) that offer derivatives on digital currencies. LedgerX, one of them, moved a bit faster (reported here) and got a license for clearing too.

Nasdaq Inks Blockchain Trading Deal With Swiss Stock Exchange

Stan Higgins – CoinDesk

Nasdaq has signed a deal with the operator of Switzerland’s primary stock exchange to integrate blockchain into its OTC product services. According to SEC, filing from July 26, Nasdaq – which has been working with blockchain technology since as early as 2015 – struck the agreement with SIX Swiss Exchange, a subsidiary of SIX Group. Notably, the group has also been experimenting with blockchain through its SIX Securities business line.

FAO: What did I say about exchanges stepping in the blockchain business? Look at CBOE in previous story and my reference to Nasdaq (among others) in yesterday’s bulletin, when HKEx announced their fresh blockchain plans. Is in fact Nasdaq selling its blockchain projects to its customer base? (HKEX and Nasdaq have been tech partners since 1994)  And grabbing the blockchain opportunity to add new tech clients/partners?

Bitfinex Is Issuing Another Token – And A New Ethereum Exchange To Go With It

Stan Higgins – CoinDesk

Digital currency exchange Bitfinex has revealed that it will be launching a new trading platform for ethereum-based tokens. Dubbed Ethfinex, the service aims to function as a decentralized exchange for tokens under the ERC20 standard.

Russia’s NSD Partners With Blockchain Startup Waves To Develop Digital Asset Platform


Waves, a decentralized platform to issue, transfer, swap, and trade custom blockchain tokens, has announced that it will develop a potential digital blockchain platform to serve digital assets including cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets for the National Settlement Depository (NSD), the central depository for the Moscow stock exchange.

FAO: So NSD (which recently announced the launch of a platform for cryptocurrency assets) will work with Waves on its project. There is more coverage on our website regarding the plans Russian banks have regarding the use of blockchain. Have a look.

Russia’s Biggest Banks Take Lead In Embracing Blockchain Technology

Russia Today

Banks in Russia are looking to make transactions safer and faster by adopting blockchain technology, a system that is currently changing the financial sector, Bloomberg reports. The country’s biggest lenders, including Sberbank and VTB Group, have reportedly developed a distributed ledger called Masterchain.

Thai Banks Consider Free Document Verification Via Blockchain

Jon Buck – The Cointelegraph

A recent announcement by Baoquan technology group indicates that the tech firm is creating and distributing a system for data attestation through Blockchain technology that would allow banks to validate documents in seconds rather than days.

Latest Developments & Agreements

Marketplace Lender Blackmoon To Launch Ethereum Token Management Platform

Jonathan Keane – CoinDesk

A marketplace lender that boasts $100 million in deal volume is launching an ethereum platform for “tokenized investment vehicles.”. Blackmoon Crypto is designed to enable verified asset managers to create and manage tokenized funds in a legally compliant manner. Operating in nine countries, Blackmoon has attracted $2.5 million to date in investment from firms including Target Global and Flint Capital.


Malta Financial Services Authority Warns Against Nation’s First Bitcoin ATM

Avi Mizrahi – Finance Magnates

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) informs the public that cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is unregulated, not guaranteed by a central bank or by any other authority and is not equivalent to traditional currencies. Furthermore, providers of services in relation to cryptocurrencies are currently neither regulated by law nor authorised by the MFSA.

FAO: Everybody has a job. They did theirs, from my own perspective. So now people know the risks.

Other news

BTC-e Information Was Sent To UK Police By MAYZUS, MoneyPolo and OKPAY

Avi Mizrahi – Finance Magnates

Sergey Mayzus has released an official statement regarding the accusations of his connection to BTC-e.

FAO: More information around the case of BTC-e exchange, reported last week.

One of Ethereum’s Earliest Smart Contract Languages Is Headed For Retirement

Amy Castor – CoinDesk

Serpent, one of ethereum’s earlier smart contracting languages is no longer safe to use.

That might be the biggest takeaway from an audit of ethereum’s Serpent compiling language, released last week by blockchain security firm Zeppelin Solutions. The findings point to dozens of problems with the compiler, including eight critical vulnerabilities.

What Happened to Bitcoin: A Recap Of The Blockchain’s Big Split

Stan Higgins – CoinDesk

It wasn’t the first attempt to fork the bitcoin blockchain, but it was certainly the most memorable. Bitcoin Cash, a new cryptocurrency, was created when a group of miners “forked” from the main bitcoin blockchain – in short, they switched to a new, incompatible software that changed the rules by which the network would function.


Cisco Says Blockchain Ledger Technology Has Networking Role

Antone Gonsalves – TechTarget

Cisco predicts blockchain ledger technology could play a role in managing networks built on switches, firewalls and other appliances from multiple vendors.


FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief Blockchain Daily News

DNT: Decebal Nicolaie Todarita, Editor Blockchain Daily News