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Deals & Investments

Sequoia Capital China Said To Invest In Bitmain’s $400M Pre-IPO Round

Yimian Wu – China Money Network

Sequoia Capital China Said To Lead $400m pre-IPO Round In Bitcoin Miner Bitmain

Ardi Wirdana – Deal Street Asia

Sequoia Capital China has reportedly led a $400 million pre-IPO round in local bitcoin miner and mining chip designer Bitmain Technologies in a deal that valued the company at $12 billion. The reports by local media, which cited information from insiders, also said that Bitmain plans to apply for an IPO in Hong Kong in September and expects to go public with market capitalization between $30 billion and $40 billion by the end of this year.

DNT: The planned Bitmain IPO was reported here, Deals & Investments Section.

FAO: All these investments in crypto mining and there are voices still “preaching” the end of cryptocurrencies/digital assets…

BitTorrent Sells To Blockchain Entrepreneur Justin Sun


File-sharing pioneer BitTorrent has been sold to Justin Sun, a blockchain entrepreneur best known for the Tron platform and its TRX cryptocurrency. The acquisition closed last week and staff has been notified of the deal, Variety has learned. Company representatives and Sun didn’t respond to repeated requests for comment.

FAO: We had some rumors about this potential deal last month.

Exchanges & Trading Venues

Crypto Giant Binance to Offer Euro Trading Pairs This Year

Cindy Wang & Benjamin Robertson – Bloomberg (subscription)

Binance will soon allow customers to convert digital tokens into fiat currencies such as the euro, according to CEO Zhao Changpeng. The venue will allow euro trading later this year from its Malta operations, Zhao said. He plans to add other fiat currencies, he said, without providing details.

DNT: In March, Binance said it was planning to open an office in Malta, details here Exchanges & Trading Venues section.

FAO: Would the company’s planned $1 billion fund for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology startups be operated from Malta too?

Wells Fargo Bans Cryptocurrency Purchases on Its Credit Cards

Hannah Levitt & Jennifer Surane – Bloomberg (subscription)

Wells Fargo & Co. customers hoping to use their credit cards to buy Bitcoin will have to look elsewhere. While putting a prohibition on such cryptocurrency purchases for now, Wells Fargo “will continue to evaluate the issue as the market evolves,” Shelley Miller, a spokeswoman, said in an emailed statement.


Coinbase Will Add Ethereum Classic To Its Exchange ‘In The Coming Months’

Jon Russell – TechCrunch

Coinbase may be one of the most-lauded crypto exchanges, but it supports just four coins right now which is far fewer than most others. That’s about to change a little after it announced plans to add Ethereum Classic, an alternate version of Ethereum, to its service “in the coming months.”

FAO: Surprising move, don’t you think? Let’s catch up on our Facebook, Linkedin & Telegram groups.

EOS Is Launched But Not Yet Live – Why?

Brady Dale – CoinDesk

Visit any EOS Telegram channel and some version of this question will pop up again and again: Is the mainnet live yet? While the EOS blockchain technically launched, the answer to that question is effectively no. That’s because the crypto tokens created by’s $4 billion EOS ICO are locked up until the network elects 21 “block producers” (the equivalent of miners for the new network), and as that still hasn’t happened, currently no one can start using EOS just yet.

FAO: Democracy!


The World’s Dominant Crypto-Mining Company Wants To Own AI

Max Chafkin & David RamliMay – Bloomberg (subscription)

Even by the standards of Bitcoin, things are crazy in China. As the boom in cryptocurrencies has become the biggest speculative bubble in recorded history, a single company in Beijing’s Haidian District has been selling the chips that generate as much as 80% of the world’s cryptocoins. “We feel lucky,” says Jihan Wu, the co-chief executive of Bitmain Technologies.

FAO: A lot of media hype around Bitmain these days…


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Latest Developments & Agreements

Digital Asset Group Eyes Crypto / DLT Bank Launch

Shanny Basar – Markets Media

Digital Asset Group formed a partnership with GMEX Group, which provides multi-asset exchange trading and post-trade business technology, as it aims to become the world’s first fully regulated business-to-business crypto and blockchain bank.


UK’s Financial Watchdog Issues Letter To Banks On Crypto Risks

Christine Kim – CoinDesk

The U.K.’s FCA has written to bank CEOs over the potential risks they face when dealing with cryptocurrencies.As the British regulator for around 58,000 financial services firms and financial markets in the U.K., the FCA has issued formal warnings before on the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies.


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Other news

The EU Wants to Hear Your Questions About Blockchain

Wolfie Zhao  – CoinDesk

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum announced through a tweet on that it is hosting a 90-minute AMA (Ask me anything) session on June 18, to address any concerns from the public about blockchain and the organization’s future plan in the emerging space.

DNT: Nice initiative. But if you want to ask pertinent question, you should read Blockchain Daily News the easiest and the best way to stay informed!


Proof That Bitcoin Still Can’t Be Trusted

John Crudele – The New York Post

The problem with bitcoin is that it has nothing backing it up — you can’t turn it into jewelry like gold or put it on someone’s finger like a diamond. And it doesn’t have the backing of any country. Confidence in bitcoin will erode when the price declines and nobody can legally prop it up through manipulation.

Let’s Not Try Make ‘Crypto Chicks’ A Thing

Jemima Kelly – Financial Times Alphaville

We’ve been to lots of crypto conferences and events, spoken to many a HODLer and probably spent too much time on #cryptotwitter and yet, we’ve never got the impression that women were the ones “leading the market for crypto investment”.



FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief FinTech Daily News

DNT: Decebal Nicolaie Todarita, Editor FinTech Daily News