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Blockchain Daily News

by Florin Oprea

Edition #21, 22.06.2017

Deals, Investments & M&As

No ICO: Hedge Fund Numerai Releases Blockchain Token But Skips the Funding

Pete Rizzo – CoinDesk

As criticism mounts for so-called initial coin offerings (ICOs) – spurred by those who say the flash fundraising method isn’t always the best way to incentivize a distributed economic network – the debut of a token issued by next-generation hedge fund startup Numerai is providing a glimpse at how alternative models could take shape as the market matures.

Numerai has released 1.2 million ‘numeraire’ tokens, a cryptocurrency it’s already begun to allocate to the distributed network of 19,000 data scientists that contribute work and help improve the calculations it uses to make real bets on the stock market.

FAO: A very different kind of hedge fund.


Litecoin Leads Altcoin Retreat as SegWit Optimism Grips Bitcoin Again

William Suberg – Cointelegraph

Bitcoin’s new climb comes as the community becomes more convinced that SegWit will activate on the network in the near future.

Dogecoin Creator Jackson Palmer Is Concerned About Ethereum’s ICO Bubble

Bitcoin Magazine

One of the biggest stories in cryptocurrency over the past couple of months has been the meteoric rise of the ether price and the speculative frenzy around the ICOs launching on top of the Ethereum platform. In a recent video uploaded to his personal YouTube channel, Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer shared some of his thoughts on ICOs and their effect on the ether price.

Ethereum Network is so Congested Exchanges Are Forced to Disable ETH Wallets


FAO: Growing pains.

Exchanges & Trading Venues

“Free Ross” Account Glitch Latest Symptom of Coinbase Woes

Bitcoin Magazine

The “Free Ross” campaign which raises funds for jailed Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht experienced a glitch last week, renewing concerns about the stability of the digital currency exchange Coinbase. This occurrence comes on the heels of Ulbricht’s latest appeal for release which was just denied in May.

Payza Expands Its Cryptocurrency Exchange to Include Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and More Bitcoin Alternatives


Payza members can now fund their e-wallets by exchanging over 50 altcoins within their account.


Legaltech Startup Agrello To Develop On Ethereum

Coin Report

The blockchain startup develops “smart agreements” on the basis of AI-orchestrated smart contracts.


Time Has Come For Blockchainless Technology: IOTA’s David Sønstebø

Frisco d’Anconia – Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph decided to ask David Sønstebø, Co-founder of the IOTA, for more clues about the sudden upshoot.

Teenager Who Invested In Bitcoin Aged 12 Is Now A Millionaire

Alistair Charlton – International Business Times

In 2011, 12-year-old Erik Finman from Idaho, US invested a $1,000 gift into bitcoin.

Latest Developments & Agreements

Cambodia’s Central Bank Pushes Ahead with Blockchain Payments Trials

Stan Higgins – CoinDesk

Back in April, the National Bank of Cambodia announced that it was working with Japan-based distributed ledger startup Soramitsu to trial the technology, with an eye to potentially implement blockchain at the central bank.

The bank’s director general, Chea Serey, has now indicated that that work will continue.

FAO: Cambodia now part of the fintech and blockchain dynamic development in Asia.

Startups, Accelerators & Hubs

Israeli Blockchain Companies That Shoot For The Stars

Ferry Biedermann – CNBC

Three founder-CEOs of Israeli blockchain startups explain their often rather grand visions for the future of their companies. Colu, which is the only one really up and running in its intended field, and Synereo are linked to the now almost familiar field of cryptocurrencies but the third, called Wave, proposes a very different idea.


State of Illinois To Host Blockchain Hackathon Next Month


The State of Illinois is going to host a virtual blockchain hackathon ‘IBI Hack’ next month.

The month-long challenge, starting 01 July 2017, is a part of the Illinois Blockchain Month – 30 days of blockchain education and events across the state of Illinois. The Illinois Blockchain Initiative is teaming up with Fulcrum to host the hackathon.

FAO: Still pretty shy for Illinois. Remember this article last month in the “Accelerators and Hubs” section of our sister publication FinTech Daily News discussing Chicago’s aim to become a 21st-century fintech center.  


TABB Report Indicates Growing Interest In Blockchain Among Custodian Banks

Jeremy Nation – ETH News

On June 20, 2017, consulting firm TABB Group issued a report titled, “Safekeeping Empowered: Reimagining the U.S. Custody Business,” indicating growing interest in blockchain technology among custodian banks.

Other news

Can Blockchain Transform ID?

Ben Berliner – FCW

Accenture and Microsoft are teaming up on a blockchain-based solution to create digital identity as a means to offer personal documentation for refugees. The effort is one part of a United Nations-based program called ID2020 that is aimed at solving the problem of lack of verifiable ID for some 1.1 billion people worldwide.


Op Ed: How Cryptocurrency Holders Can Diversify While Deferring Taxes

Jeff Vandrew Jr. – Bitcoin Magazine

Charitable remainder trusts are often overlooked tax deferral methods for appreciated cryptocurrency.


FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief Blockchain Daily News