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June 19, 2017
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Blockchain Daily News

by Florin Oprea

Edition #19, 20.06.2017

Deals, Investments & M&As

The ICO Is A Revolutionary New Way To Get Funded, And Everyone Wants In

Stan Schroeder – Mashable

FAO: Makes reference to the amazing Bancor ICO aka $153 million in two hours and twenty-five minutes.


UK Financial Regulator Calls For Caution On Cryptocurrency Investing

Pete Rizzo – CoinDesk

An official at the UK’s top financial regulator has issued new comments calling for consumer caution on bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing.

Bitpesa CEO Claims Bitcoin-Based Remittance Companies Have Reduced Costs By 75%

Nigeria Today

Bitpesa founder and CEO, Elizabeth Rossiello, has claimed that bitcoin-based remittance services have reduced the costs of international payments by 75%, and reduced the average time of settlement from 12 days to approximately 12 hours.

PHILIPP SANDNER, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center: The prime use case of Bitcoin are international payments. That’s one of the best use cases of this crypto currency.

Exchanges & Trading Venues

Litecoin Price Jumps To US$50 In Anticipation  Of Bitstamp Listing

JP Buntinx – The Merkle

The wild ride continues for Litecoin, as the popular alternative cryptocurrency topped the US$50 mark for the time in a while.  This upward trend appears to be a repeat of the 2013 LTC price surge, albeit without a trading bot on the Mt. Gox exchange inflating the prices right now. The impending addition to Bitstamp certainly has a lot of people excited, that much is evident.

FAO: Bitstamp is Luxembourg based and in 2016 it was the world’s second largest BTC exchange by volume.

Litecoin And Ethereum Classic Now Worth Over $2 Billion Each

Avi Mizrahi  – Finance Magnates

As altcoins continue to rally, Bitcoin’s dominance in the cryptocurrency ecosystem falls to new lows.

Why Banks Need To Start Offering Cryptocurrency Wallets

Bijan Shahrochi –  Venture Beat

With the recent surge in value of cryptocurrencies, ordinary people and traditional investment firms are paying more attention to the space. The market cap of cryptocurrencies has grown from less than $30 billion in March 2017 to over $110 billion in June 2017, and this is just the beginning

PHILIPP SANDNER, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center: Indeed, banks store money – since hundreds of years. So why not store value in crypto currencies? Time has come.


Quicker, Safer And Cheaper — Blockchain Can Disrupt 150-yr-old Global Payments Model

Sidhartha Shukla – Moneycontrol

FAO: Interesting facts presented: from 2007 to 2016 global remittances to developing countries increased by 51%; the average cost of sending remittances stands at 7.45%, a decrease from 9.8% since 2008.

Latest Developments & Agreements

Universities Add Blockchain To Course List

Martin Arnold – Financial Times (sub)

Demand for talented individuals far exceeds the available supply.

The market for recruiting blockchain engineers has been described as “red hot”. But where can aspiring software coders find training about the intricacies of this technology?

FAO: A must-read, must-share article. The future definitely looks different, don’t you think?


How Delaware Keeps Edge in Finance by Supporting Blockchain

Shivdeep Dhaliwal – The Cointelegraph

Delaware already holds the edge when it comes to incorporation and being business friendly. Embracing Blockchain would not only make the state a pioneer but will also allow it to gain several benefits.

FAO: Here are some interesting facts about how business friendly this state is – more than 50% of all U.S. publicly traded companies and 63% of the Fortune 500 are incorporated in Delaware AND there are more corporations than people in this state (more than a million corporations are registered here).

Blockchain  Pitches EU Community Traders, Regulators Into New Territory

S&P Global Platts

Distributed ledger technology called blockchain is set to disrupt commodity markets with new ways of trading and managing physical operations. Europe’s biggest utilities have already started working together on the region’s first trading platform using it, and plan to start live trading before the end of the year.

Startups, Accelerators & Hubs

Nevada Senator: We Want to Be ‘Home Base’ For Blockchain Startups

Aaron Stanley – CoinDesk

“We want them here, we value them and they should give us a hard look.”

That’s the message Nevada Senator Ben Kieckhefer wants to convey to blockchain and cryptocurrency startups the world over.

FAO: And why is that? Because Nevada does not have a state income tax.


Stockholm To Host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in September


Event management company “Smile-Expo” is going to host the first blockchain conference in Stockholm on 07 September 2017, titled Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm.

FAO: Sounds promising. I hope I will get the chance to be there.


Bitcoin Is Digital Gold. But Will You Buy A Sandwich With It?

Justina Lee – Bloomberg

For digital-marketing agency, taking bitcoin for payment was easy enough, all co-founder Roger Wu had to do was obtain a digital wallet. To promote the move in 2014, he even penned a blog post for Forbes explaining the decision.

DNT: Good question…What do you think about it?

FAO: Indeed a good q. And actually the answer is YES. And not only at the shop mentioned in the story, the Roast of Sherwood, but if you go to Allentown, Penn. they could serve you one as well. Read this piece here.

Other news

Accenture, Microsoft Team Up On Blockchain-Based Digital ID network

Anna Irrera – Reuters

Accenture Plc and Microsoft Corp are teaming up to build a digital ID network using blockchain technology, as part of a United Nations-supported project to provide legal identification to 1.1 billion people worldwide with no official documents.

Interview: Bitcoin ATM Network Coinsource Hits 100+ Machines

Francisco Memoria – Cryptocoins News

Coinsource, a leading bitcoin ATM network, recently surpassed the 100 machine milestone with an early year push in the state of New York, in which it added 14 new kiosks in the state since January.


Bitcoin Is Not Garbage, Embrace It 

H. Taylo –  Seeking Alpha

Ease of use is making Bitcoin into a more accessible currency.

Blockchain In France: A Primer On An Emerging Market

Alexandre Stachtchenko – CoinDesk

How well does France perform in the blockchain field?

FAO: Well, found the answer? If you are a French fintech professional/entrepreneur send me your thoughts.


FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief Blockchain Daily News

DNT: Decebal Nicolaie Todarita, Editor Blockchain Daily News