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Fans’ Section

Mailchimp Is Shutting Down ICO And Blockchain-Related Emails, And People Are Freaking Out

Consider this a shot across the bow of the entire ICO and blockchain-related sector: email marketing service Mailchimp recently enacted a policy shutting off Blockchain and ICO related accounts. Now, the first victims of this policy are getting the news, and responding in kind by attempting to read the riot act to a Twitter account whose avatar is a monkey with a hat.

FAO: Apparently our email newsletter service, provided by Mailchimp, won’t be affected, because we only discuss about this universe. Anyway, we will take our measures, and will soon announce our new approach in distributing our content.

DNT: So, stay close for updates!

”Very, very Dull”: What Happened To India’s White-Hot Cryptocurrency Market?

Nupur Anand – Quartz

A chill has set into the cryptocurrency market, especially in India. Tightening regulation and policy ambiguity have sucked the life out of trading in the past few months, though industry insiders say the phase may be temporary.

“The market is very, very dull,” said Sathvik Vishwanath, co-founder and CEO of Unocoin.

FAO: I am sure that readers of our bulletins don’t agree with this guy. There is a lot going on in the “cryptoverse” right now, and watching how this space is developing is really fascinating.

Deals & Investments Stock Offering Canceled, Source Says; Shares Rise

Evelyn Cheng – CNBC 

E-commerce company-turned-blockchain play’s 4 million share offering has been canceled, according to a source familiar with the situation. Underwriter Guggenheim Securities decided late not to proceed due to market conditions, the source said. confirmed that the offering was called off.

FAO: Sorry to hear about this. So, what’s next?

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Exchanges & Trading Venues

South Korean Insurer DB Insurance Denies Hacked Cryptocurrency Exchange’s Claim

Eun-Young Jeong – The Wall Street Journal (subscription)

One of South Korea’s largest insurance companies has denied a claim from cryptocurrency exchange Youbit in the wake of a December cyberattack that bankrupted the firm’s parent company. DB Insurance denied a $2.8 million claim from Yapian Corp.

More Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Close

Nikkei Asian Review

Tokyo GateWay and Fukuoka-based Mr. Exchange are withdrawing their applications to register with Japan’s Financial Services Agency as exchange operators. The FSA on March 8 ordered both to improve their data security and other safeguards after they were found to be lacking.

FAO: You cannot have a business without proper investments. It applies to crypto exchanges too. It’s good though that they are aware of their capabilities.

Japan Embracing Cryptocurrencies Despite Big Theft Cases

Yuri Kageyama – Japan Today

Four years after popular Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange MtGox was hacked and went bankrupt, the case still casts a shadow over the regulatory regime put in place to protect Japan’s thriving cryptocurrency market.Mark Karpeles, the French founder and former CEO of MtGox, says he hopes to recoup the millions lost by his customers in the heist. That’s now a possibility, given the surge in bitcoin’s value in recent years to some 10 times its earlier value.


How Network Theory Predicts The Value Of Bitcoin

Technology Review

Metcalfe’s Law, which measures the value of a network, can calculate a cryptocurrency’s value—and predict when to get out.


Via Crowdfund Insider Blockchain Fintech QUOINE Announces Four Appointments to Leadership Team

  • Jason Wagner – Chief People Officer
  • Mike Mullins: Chief Information Security Officer
  • Vincent Moreau: Senior Vice President of Product
  • Rei Tanaka: Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

College Students Are Secretly Mining Bitcoin In Their Dorms

Kari Paul – Market Watch 

Here’s one unconventional way to pay off student loans: A burgeoning cryptocurrency business. Cryptocurrency mining is happening more frequently on college campuses, according to a study by cybersecurity company Vectra.

FAO: Actually it’s not that secret if it appears in the media…There is even a selfie of a guy in this article, hilarious.

Latest Developments & Agreements

Polish Bank PKO BP Begins Using A Blockchain-Based Document Management System

John Biggs – TechCrunch 

A blockchain company called Coinfirm has announced a partnership with PKO BP, a major Polish bank, to provide blockchain-based document verification using a tool called Trudatum. The project is a an actual implementation of one of the primary benefits of blockchain-based tools, namely its ability to permanently and immutably store data.


The Ancient History Of Bitcoin

Peter Coy – Bloomberg (subscription)

Cryptocurrencies may seem brand-new and disruptive, but look to the past and it’s clear they can be regulated.

DNT: The quite captivating story of Florida citrus grower William Howey, one of the many historical parallels to cryptocurrencies.

Thailand To Regulate Digital Coins From April To Guard Investors

Anuchit Nguyen – Bloomberg (subscription)

Thailand will impose rules on cryptocurrencies and ICOs from April to bolster investor protection, the military-run nation’s Securities and Exchange Commission said. The regulations are set to be enforced in about three weeks, and Thailand is able to move comparatively quickly on tightening oversight in part because a military administration is in power, the commission’s Secretary General Rapee Sucharitakul said “This is a very specialized market and it’s not for ordinary people,” he said.

DNT: Ordinary people!!!??? Excuse me…

FAO: Left, left, left, right, left…Presen’ bitcoins…


Bitcoin Breaches $7,000 In Downbeat End To Dismal Quarter

Eddie Van Der Walt & Olga Kharif  – Bloomberg (subscription) 

Bitcoin’s miserable quarter isn’t over yet.

DNT: In our yesterday’s edition we had a  premonition story entitled “$7000 Next? Bitcoin Bears Pull Off Downside Break”. Looks like it came true.

Ripple Is The Worst Performer Among Major Cryptocurrencies In The First Quarter

Kate Rooney – CNBC

Among the top five cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, Ripple has fared the worst, down more than 74%his year following an epic 35,000 % increase in 2017, according to CoinMarketCap.

DNT: Guess a decline of 74% is supportable after a rally of 35,000%.

FAO: What’s that famous rule for investing: “Buy High, Sell Low?” You cannot call yourself an investor without experiencing some losses too.

Why Bitcoin’s ‘Death Cross’ May Be A Bear Trap

Omkar Godbole  – CoinDesk

Bitcoin risks entering a technical “death cross” soon, but the bearish signal will likely not be as severe as has been made out in reports.A death cross occurs when the 50-day moving average (MA) cuts the 200-day MA from above (bearish crossover), indicating a long-term bear market going forward. As seen on the bitcoin daily chart below, the 50-day MA looks set to dip below the 200-day MA imminently.

Other news

What The Fed Could Learn From Bitcoin

Max Raskin – The Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Shortly after Ronald Reagan was elected president, former Federal Reserve Chairman Arthur Burns paid a visit to then-Fed Chairman Paul Volcker. Burns brought a warning: The president-elect’s advisers, led by Milton Friedman, wanted to replace the Fed chairman with a computer. He might have been biased, but Mr. Volcker opposed the idea that a complex monetary system should be governed by simple, mechanical rules, and the idea never caught on.

Decades later the Fed remains unnecessarily unpredictable.


Why Porn On The Blockchain Won’t Doom Bitcoin

ARvind Narayanan, Kevin Werbach & James Grimmelmann – Wired

The internet jumped on a new research paper proclaiming that the bitcoin blockchain contains child pornography. This isn’t the first apocalyptic claim about blockchains and the law. It won’t be the last.


FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief Blockchain Daily News

DNT: Decebal Nicolaie Todarita, Editor Blockchain Daily News