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Fans’ Section

Crypto Exchange Binance Offers A $250,000 Bounty For Hacker Tip-Offs

Benjamin Robertson – Bloomberg (subscription)

Binance, founded by Zhao Changpeng, is offering the equivalent of $250,000 (paid in cryptocurrency) for information that leads to the arrest of hackers who targeted the venue last week, it said in a statement.The exchange has set aside $10 million for future bounties and is encouraging other platforms to do the same, it said.

FAO: For all of you bounty hunters in the Wild Wild Cryptoverse: There is a new “Wanted!” announcement. Go get them!   

DNT: Maybe the hackers will be tempted to turn themselves in, for this bounty. :)) Just joking.

Thomson Reuters Launches Bitcoin Sentiment Gauge For Crypto Traders

Reuters Staff – Reuters

Thomson Reuters is to track and analyze chatter about bitcoin on hundreds of news and social media websites to help investors looking for an edge in trading the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, the company said.

FAO: This could become quite useful.

Deals & Investments

Taiwan’s Nogle Capital Joins Telegram Round, Inks Pact With Oyster Ventures

Pramugdha Mamgain – Deal Street Asia

Taipei-based venture capital firm Nogle Capital Management announced that it participated in recent fundraising of blockchain startup Blockstack and encrypted messaging service Telegram through its Nogle Ventures Strategy Fund I SPC.

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HELIX ORANGE Generation ICO – Pre Sale Announcement

Helix Orange

The platform identifies the legal and regulatory requirements of investor’s country of residence and determine the volume to which the investor can participate in a given ICO. HELIX Orange analyzes national regulations regarding investor protection, anti-money laundering and taxation for that purpose.

Exchanges & Trading Venues

Coincheck’s Network Infected With Virus Via English Email

The Yomiuri Shimbun – The Japan News

Computer devices of employees at Coincheck were infected with viruses via emails several weeks prior to a massive theft of NEM cryptocurrency from the operator, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned. These employees clicked a link in emails that were written in English, according to sources.

DNT: Lost in translation…

FAO: McAfee’s Junichi Yasuda pointed to the possibility of a “targeted attack”.

Japan’s Coincheck To Start Repaying Customers After Digital Money Heist

Reuters Staff – Reuters

Coincheck said it would start repaying customers affected by the heist.


PBOC Governor, Zhou Xiaochuan, Says Bitcoin Not A Legitimate Method Of Payment

Reuters Staff – Reuters

China does not recognize Bitcoin and other digital currencies as legitimate forms of payment, the central bank governor, Zhou Xiaochuan, said.

FAO: Considering this was China’s central bank governor speaking, this was not a big surprise, was it?


IBM Told Investors That It Has Over 400 Blockchain Clients — Including Walmart, Visa, And Nestlé

Becky Peterson – Business Insider (subscription)

IBM’s foray into blockchain technology is catching on with customers, according to an investor briefing shared by the company. At least 400 IBM customers are now running blockchain-based projects, according to the briefing. Among those customers are 63 that work together with certain themes: 25 companies in global trade, 14 companies in food tracking, and 14 companies in global payments. Some of IBM’s most recognizable blockchain clients include Nestlé, Visa, Walmart, and HSBC.


Coinbase Names NYSE Vet Eric Scro As Vice President Of Finance


Coinbase Hires Former NYSE Exec In Effort to Become The Crypto Google

Rachel McIntosh – Finance Magnates

Coinbase exchange has enlisted former head of finance at the New York Stock Exchange, Eric Scro, as its own new vice president of finance. Scro is making his exit from NYSE after 8.5 years.

FAO: Coinbase is building up a PRO-team to make sure it can: 1. assimilate new business – check last week’s appointment of Emilie Choi (ex-Linkedin) as vice president of corporate and business development 2. compete with global exchanges in a much larger cryptoverse – today’s appointment of a NYSE veteran. What’s next? Get a bank veteran in as well?

Latest Developments & Agreements

Why Blockchain Will Survive, Even If Bitcoin Doesn’t

Christopher Mims – The Wall Street Journal

We’re now awash in “crypto” hype. For every venture capitalist or technical expert, there’s a half-dozen hype men and fly-by-night startups making the entire space look like a 21st-century version of the Amsterdam tulip mania. All that noise has obscured the bona fide efforts involving the underlying technology, blockchain.


EU Body Strikes Back At Cryptocurrency Regulation

Caroline Binham – Financial Times (subscription)

EU Banking Watchdog Sets Out ‘Roadmap’ To Regulate Fintech

Huw Jones – Reuters

The European Union’s banking watchdog set out a “roadmap” to help plug gaps in how the rapidly evolving fintech sector is regulated, but urged caution in tackling cryptocurrencies.

FAO: EU plans fintech regulation but with a proper, cautious approach on cryptocurrencies. Good! Better do things properly if you want to: keep business in (and tax revenues) and encourage financial innovation.

Watchdogs Tighten Their Grip On Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Chloe Cornish & Adam Samson – Financial Times (subscription)

How We Regulate Cryptocurrencies & ICOs Is Key To Their Success

Kim Larkin – SCMP

Getting regulation right is the key to making ICOs and the enterprises they support succeed.

FAO: #Cryptoregulation – do you think you won’t be able to live with it? Better get used to the idea if you still want to inhabit the cryptoverse.

The Government’s Crypto Crackdown May Not Affect Bitcoin: Blockchain Venture Capitalist Spencer Bogart

Kellie Ell – CNBC

“Along a spectrum, bitcoin is the furthest away from being a security from all of the crypto assets, in my opinion,” Spencer Bogart, a partner at Blockchain Capital, said. “Therefore it is the least likely to come under a regulatory crackdown.”

Shaktikanta Das, An Influential Former Bureaucrat Thinks India Just Can’t Regulate Bitcoin

Anwesha Ganguly – Quartz India

India’s been grappling with the regulation of cryptocurrencies for a while now, often indicating its aversion to them—yet not banning them. However, a former top finance ministry official insists that bitcoin and its ilk ought not to be allowed at all. Shaktikanta Das, a former secretary of economic affairs who also headed the government’s first panel set up in April 2017 to understand and recommend regulations, believes regulating them would be a tough task.

Accelerators & Hubs

EU Eyes Blockchain Push With New FinTech Action Plan

Wolfie Zhao  – CoinDesk

The European Union is beefing up its efforts to foster work around new technologies like blockchain. According to a 2018 Fintech Action Plan released, the European Commission – the executive arm of the European Union – plans to form a new Fintech Lab in the second quarter in 2018.

Bahrain’s Fintech Bay Offers Infrastructure to Crypto Companies

Komfie Manalo – Cryptovest

The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Fintech Bay initiative is seen to attract fintech companies from across the globe, including cryptocurrency-focused operations by providing them with world-class infrastructure.The move is the latest program of Bahrain following similar initiatives by several Middle Eastern countries towards accepting the digital asset revolution.


At This Crypto Event, The Attendees Really Were High

Erin Griffith – Wired

DNT: OMG! This story seems almost unbelievable. But it happened! At the conference called Crypto Sanctum, the served food was “infused”…with  cannabis—cocktails, cannabis-marinated olives…and so on. Check here the menu. You can imagine the outcome. Worth reading the entire story.


Fintech Leaders Predict Ethereum’s Market Cap Will Surpass Bitcoin’s This Year

Diamond Naga Siu – City A.M., a price comparison website, predicts that 2018 will be a big year for ethereum.

They identified ethereum and stellar lumens as the two top cryptos to watch this year and even anticipate that ethereum’s market cap will grow more than bitcoin’s in 2018. But experts still think bitcoin will maintain the highest value per unit by 31 December — they speculated that it will reach nearly $30,000, while predicting that ethereum will hit $2,550.

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Overstock Has Rocketed 240% Higher For All the Wrong Reasons

Jamal Carnette – The Motley Fool

Overstock is on fire. Against the S&P 500’s 14% return over the past year, shares of the internet-based retailer are up 240%. But you can’t credit the company’s financials for this incredible run. Over the trailing-12-month period, Overstock has grown its top line on a year-over-year basis and has only had one profitable quarter during that period.

Other news

Cryptocurrency Scammers Run Off With More Than $2 Million After Ditching Their Investors

Arjun Kharpal – CNBC

FAO: What’s the bounty for this?

A New Report Says Egypt Is Secretly Forcing Citizens To Mine Cryptocurrency

Joon Ian Wong – Quartz

The Egyptian government, or entities linked to it, has hijacked local internet users’ connections to secretly mine cryptocurrency “en masse,” according to a new report by security researchers at the University of Toronto. Evidence of this type of intrusion by a nation-state is “the stuff of legends,” the researchers say, because the techniques involved are especially difficult to detect.

DNT: So, mining altcoins is also a state policy now…Cryptoverse is getting more and more surprising.


Bitcoin Is Ridiculous. Blockchain Is Dangerous

Paul Ford – Bloomberg

The true believers won’t stop until they’ve remade the world. Some of it will be thrilling. Some of it will keep us up at night.

Gold-Standard Rules Sought By Billion-Euro Bitcoin Broker

Jonathan Tirone & Boris Groendahl – Bloomberg (subscription)

Bitcoin should be regulated similar to gold — which benefits from simpler compliance rules than stocks or bonds — according to Austria’s biggest broker of the digital token.

While cryptocurrency transactions in the European Union above 10,000 euros ($12,310) should be subject to anti-money laundering rules, applying more onerous financial standards could stunt the emerging market for digital cash, the founders of Bitpanda GmbH said.



FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief Blockchain Daily News

DNT: Decebal Nicolaie Todarita, Editor Blockchain Daily News