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by Florin Oprea

Edition 116, 18.12.2017

Fans’ Section

Exchange Giant CME Launched Bitcoin Futures

Alexander Osipovich & Gunjan Banerji – Fox Business

CME launched bitcoin futures on Sunday, seeking to capitalize on the mania for the booming digital currency.

FAO: Oh, btw, Citi & CME Clearing have implemented a real-time distributed ledger platform developed by Baton Systems – more here. Things are moving fast!

Analyst Who Predicted Bitcoin’s Rise Now Sees It Hitting $300,000-$400,000

Dan Murphy – CNBC

Bitcoin will surge past $20,000 and continue its meteoric march into six figures, according to independent research analyst Ronnie Moas.

Moas: “Bitcoin is already up 500% since I recommended it in the beginning of July, and I’m looking for another 500% move from here.”

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Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee Predicts Future For Bitcoin And His Own Runaway Cryptocurrency

Dan Murphy & Oriel Morrison – CNBC

Lee: “I would be happy if litecoin stays at around $300 by the end of next year.” It’s still very surprising how much it has grown this year,

Lee noted that the frenetic growth in cryptocurrency prices was also impeding their wider adoption as most people were using them as a speculative asset rather than using them to make real-world transactions.

DNT: After rallied almost 8,000% this year, Litecoin is the world’s fifth-largest cryptocurrency, The market capitalization of Litecoin more than $15 billion, according to At the time of writing, LTC was trading around $315.

FAO: Amazing year for LTC. Lee’s strategy of leaving Coinbase last summer to focus on LTC seems a winning one, at least so far.


Kik Presses ‘Paws’ On Cryptocurrency Launch, Blames Blockchain Cat Craze

Claire Brownell – Financial Post

Goodbye Ethereum: Kik Plans To Move Its ICO Tokens To Stellar

Nikhilesh De – CoinDesk

Mobile messaging startup Kik is planning to shift its Kin token network from ethereum to Stellar, CEO Ted Livingston said. The company’s founder argued that ethereum’s blockchain – which the app is presently based on – is unable to scale to the level that Kin needs, among other issues. The answer, he said, is to shift to the Stellar network, first unveiled in 2014 and created by Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb.

FAO: Too many CrptoKitties out here?… Time for Ethereum to unleash those CryptoDogs?!? More about Kik’s token sale – here.

Bloomberg Catches Cryptocurrency Fever

Danny Fortson – The Times (subscription) 

Bloomberg has added the prices of three cryptocurrencies to the 325,000 trading terminals it leases to banks, hedge funds and investment firms around the world.The decision to list ripple, ether and litecoin is the latest sign of the frenzy over digital currencies.

FAO: “Cryptoverse” going mainstream…

Exchanges & Trading Venues

Coinbase Wants Wall Street to Resolve Its Bitcoin Trust Issues

Lily Katz & Rob Urban – Bloomberg

Coinbase COO Asiff Hirji Says IPO Is An “Obvious Path”

Victor Golovtchenko – Finance Magnates

The COO of Coinbase and former chairman of the board of Saxo Bank, Asiff Hirji, confided that the company is looking into an IPO at some point in time. The step was cited as “the most obvious path” for the company going forward.

FAO: Asiff Hirji was appointed President and COO of Coinbase the other week.

Japan’s Bitcoin Trading Platforms Extend To Asia And Beyond

Yukinori Hanada  – Nikkei Asian Review

Seeking fresh channels for growth, cryptocurrency trading platforms in Japan — the world’s biggest market — are branching out to other parts of Asia and beyond. Quoine is launching in the Philippines next year. Bitpoint Japan, a subsidiary of Remixpoint that brought trading to South Korea last month, is set to enter Taiwan in January.

North Korea’s Bitcoin Play

Dune Lawrence – Bloomberg (subscription)

North Korean Hackers Behind Attacks On Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Reuters Staff – Reuters

South Korea’s spy agency said North Korean hackers were behind attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges this year in which some 7.6 billion won ($6.99 million) worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen.

DNT: Read here, Other news Section, about how North Korean hackers’ attempts to steal bitcoin from South Korea have led to tightening the regulations regarding cryptos.

Kraken Admits “Degraded and Unreliable Performance”, Commits To Major Update

Victor Golovtchenko – Finance Magnates

Kraken, has announced that it is preparing a major upgrade to its systems. The company has been going through some tough times recently with the performance of the exchange being highly criticised by users. Kraken has highlighted that its recent troubles are caused primarily by continually increasing demand. The exchange states that it has seen a sharp spike higher in the number of users that use its services.

FAO: It was about time, looks like they want to survive…


Russian Company Transneft Says That Its Computers Were Used To Mine The Monero Cryptocurrency

First Post

Transneft said its computers had been used for the unauthorized manufacture, or “mining”, of the cryptocurrency Monero but said the firm now had systems to prevent this happening again. Software for mining cryptocurrency were automatically downloaded from the web by a Transneft computer and was then deleted, spokesman Igor Demin said. He also said the pipeline company had programs to such block downloads in future.

FAO: They “transported” more than just oil…

How A Cloud Computing Company Is Helping People Mine For Bitcoin

Sameepa Shetty – CNBC

When cryptocurrencies were less popular, a miner with a computer at home could solve the puzzle quickly. But now bitcoin mining requires ever more and faster computing. A few companies, including Genesis, are starting to provide the cloud services needed to supply that capacity. “We provide everyone access to mining through our cloud-based infrastructure,” said Marco Streng, the CEO and co-founder of Genesis.


The Person Who Created Bitcoin Remains A Mystery

Michael Kaplan – News York Post

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto from Japan. Or, some say, he or she might be a Finnish sociologist or a mathematician from Israel. Some think Nakamoto is the pseudonym of software developer Gavin Andresen, others believe it’s Tesla creator Elon Musk. (Both have denied the claim.) Whoever it is, the person behind bitcoin has never given an interview.

DNT: ..and he or she will not give an interview any time soon..We will see.


EU Agrees Clampdown On Bitcoin Platforms To Tackle Money Laundering

Francesco Guarascio – Reuters

European Union states and legislators agreed on stricter rules to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing on exchange platforms for bitcoin and other virtual currencies, the EU said.

Bitcoin exchange platforms and “wallet” providers that hold the cyber currency for clients will be required to identify their users, under the new rules which now must be formally adopted by EU states and European legislators and then turned into national laws within 18 months.

FAO: More regs, more regs, as anticipated (discussed here)…EU still neutral though, so no change in our Crypto-Teams BDN Global Outlook.

UK Watchdog To  Take Closer Look At ICOs

Huw Jones – Reuters

Britain’s markets watchdog will step up its scrutiny of ICO market to see if new rules are needed to protect investors after issuing an alert in September.

The Financial Conduct Authority said it would gather further evidence on the market and conduct a deeper examination of what it called fast-paced developments.

FCA’s feedback statement on DLT here, via MondoVisione.

South Korea Blockchain Association Plans To Change How People Trade


The Korea Blockchain Industry Association announced measures to boost transparency in trading of cryptocurrencies, agreed by 14 exchanges in the country including the world’s busiest virtual currency exchange, Bitthumb. The Korea Blockchain Industry Association said users would only be allowed to trade virtual currency through one account after their identity has been confirmed via traditional financial institutions like banks.

FAO: I guess 2018 will be the “crypto-regulation year” across the world…

Startups, Accelerators & Hubs

Why Do UAE And Saudi Arabia Want To Use Blockchain?

Ed Clowes – Zawya

Dubai Sets Its Sights On Becoming The World’s First Blockchain-Powered Government

Suparna Dutt D’Cunha – Forbes

Dubbed as the “city of the future”, Dubai, which plans to have robot cops, flying taxis and autonomous vehicles on its roads in coming years and appointed a minister in-charge of Artificial Intelligence recently, is planning yet another transformation: to become the world’s first blockchain-powered government. By 2020, the emirate wants all visa applications, bill payments and license renewals, which account for over 100 million documents each year, to be transacted digitally using blockchain.


Forget Bitcoin: Stellar Lumens Is Up 6,300% Since March and Is Aiming for Big Blockchain Partners

Sean Williams – The  Motley Fool

Between March 20 and Dec. 10, it’s gained over 6,300%! The reason? Look no further than its blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Can Promote National Security

Kiran Raj & John Roth – The Wall Street Journal (subscription)

DNT: A different view about cryptos, from Kiran Raj and John Roth who left government to join the Bittrex.

Other news

Court Approves U.S. Extradition For Alleged BTC-e Operator

Sujha Sundararajan   – CoinDesk

A Greek court has given the green light for the extradition of alleged bitcoin money launderer Alexander Vinnik to the U.S.

DNT: The entire saga of Alexander Vinnik trial is available in our FREE ARCHIVE. Just a simple search is enough.

First Bitcoin Homes Sell In The UK

Nicola Harley – The Telegraph

Developers have sold the first two luxury homes in the UK using bitcoin currency.


FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief Blockchain Daily News

DNT: Decebal Nicolaie Todarita, Editor Blockchain Daily News