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  • Blockchain Daily News – Edition 36, 22.08.2017
    Blockchain Daily News by Florin Oprea Edition 36, 22.08.2017 Deals, Investments & M&As Swiss Digital Asset Exchange ShapeShift Buys KeepKey Holder In All-Bitcoin Deal Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss – Reuters Swiss digital currency exchange ShapeShift AG has acquired Seattle-based KeepKey Holder, a maker of devices known as digital wallets, in an all-bitcoin […]
  • Blockchain Daily News – Edition 35, 21.08.2017
    Blockchain Daily News by Florin Oprea Edition 35, 21.08.2017 OMG Section!?!! Hackers Create Fake Bittrex Cryptocurrency Site To Steal Users’ Login Credentials And Money India Ashok – IBT Hackers are reportedly operating the fake site to steal users’ login credentials and money saved in the exchange. The fake Bittrex site […]
  • Blockchain Daily News – Edition 34, 18.08.2017
    Blockchain Daily News by Florin Oprea Edition 34, 18.08.2017 Deals, Investments & M&As ICO Meets VC: Blockstack Raises $25 Million for Decentralized Internet Fund Michael del Castillo – CoinDesk At least one industry startup thinks there’s still a place for traditional venture capital in this new economic movement. New York-based […]
  • Blockchain Daily News – Edition 33, 17.08.2017
    Blockchain Daily News by Florin Oprea Edition 33, 17.08.2017 Deals, Investments & M&As BBVA Warns Of “Dangerous Bubble” For Blockchain ICOs Antony Peyton – Banking Technology BBVA reckons the fever for ICOs in blockchain must be cooled as the industry is facing a “dangerous bubble” driven by speculation. FAO: In […]
  • Blockchain Daily News – Edition 32, 16.08.2017
    Blockchain Daily News by Florin Oprea Edition 32, 16.08.2017 Cryptocurrencies Ethereum Breaks Blockchain Transaction Record, Price Steady William Suberg – The Cointelegraph The Ethereum network has recorded 410,000 transactions in the last 24 hours – more than any Blockchain ever. PHILIPP SANDNER, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center: While this is fascinating […]